Cart Prep Review – Shopify Made Simple

Cart Prep Review – Shopify Training Course


As I’ve mentioned before, direct retailing is still a viable way to make money online.  People love shopping on the Internet, and it’s one of the reasons why so many shopping malls are closing these days.  Still, it’s rather difficult to set up an online store, though there are plenty of tools to make it easier, such as the Shopify ecommerce system.  While Shopify is a terrific system that can handle most needs, it’s also quite complex, which is where Cart Prep comes in.

cart prep reviewCart Prep, created by former eBay and PayPal employee Chris Flemming, is a video training course designed to help you learn how to use Shopify quickly.  How quickly?  Chris says that with his system, you can learn how to use Shopify and get your store online in as little as a day.  That’s pretty promising, so I decided to take a closer look at Cart Prep to see how it measures up.  Read on for my full Cart Prep review.

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