Chief Quiz Review – Fast Cash from Paid Surveys?

Chief Quiz Review – Easy Money or Survey Scam?


Note: We are not affiliates of Chief Quiz.

People love the idea of paid surveys.  There are millions of people who like the idea of trying to make money online, but paid surveys offer a way of cashing in that doesn’t require a lot of time or effort.  Unfortunately, most paid survey sites are scams.  A new entry in that market is Chief Quiz, which appears to be owned and operated by the same people who run Up Survey, Line Quiz, Tempo Quiz and others.

chief quiz reviewChief Quiz and all of these other sites work pretty much the same way.  They show you a brief commercial and then ask you some questions about it.  You answer them, and they put $18 in your account.  You can do this as often as four times a day and you can earn additional cash by referring some of your friends to the site.  That means you could earn thousands of dollars per week for just a few minutes of your time.  That sounds pretty tempting, so how does Chief Quiz work?  Read on for our full Chief Quiz review.

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