Domain Name Buying Just Got Easier at Wealthy Affiliate

Domain Name Purchasing Made Easy


Buying a domain name isn’t necessarily a difficult thing to do, but there are a few hassles involved.  You’ve got to pick a name.  Then you have to find out if it’s available with your chosen top level domain (TLD) extension.  Then you need to decide if you want to buy privacy protection so that your name and address are hidden from the public and pesky salespeople.   And you need to shop around to find a domain name registrar that’s offering a good price, and the prices seem to vary from day to day, often dramatically.

domain nameAdding to the hassle is the fact that most domain name registrars try to get you to buy a bunch of upsells.  Privacy protection is usually extra.  Want an email service?  Or hosting?  Or an SSL certificate?  These things usually show up when you try to check out and buy your domain name.  You’ve got to work past them just to check out and make the purchase.  Finally, you need to somehow keep track of which domain names you own and where they’re registered so that you don’t accidentally allow them to expire, which will immediately take your site offline.  Fortunately, buying a domain name just got easier, courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate.  Read on to learn more.

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Domain Names – Does the Extention Matter?

Domain Names – What Kind to Get?

If you’re going to get into affiliate marketing, it’s best to have a Website.  You can do it without, but it’s a lot harder, especially if you’re a relative newbie.  The tried and true way to make money online is to build a Website, and picking your domain names is an important part of that process.  There are a few general rules that you need to follow when choosing domain names, along with a few explicit ones.  But one thing that is coming up in conversation more often these days is the question of the extension – does the extension matter when picking domain names?

domain names - choose oneTen years ago, there was little talk of TLD (top level domain) extensions when picking domain names, as you pretty much only had three choices – .com, .net, or .org.  A few years ago, a few new extensions for domain names were added, such as .info, .biz, and .us.  Recently, however, a number of new extensions for domain names were added to the official list by ICANN, the agency in charge of such things.  These new extensions for domain names include such things as .science, .party, .click, .link, .recipes and more.  Are these worth considering if you’re trying to build a money making Website?  Or are such domain names simply a distraction?

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