SEO Firesale Review – Make Money Reselling SEO Courses?

SEO Firesale – Good Value or Scam?

Note: We have no relationship with SEO Firesale

SEO Firesale, the latest product from longtime marketer Eric Homlund, says you can tap into the huge search engine optimization (SEO) market by buying their product, which allows you to resell a series of courses related to helping people rank in the search engines.  Can you really make money with SEO Firesale?  Is SEO Firesale a scam?  Read on for our full SEO Firesale review.

seo firesale reviewRanking highly in the major search engine listings used to be easy; all you had to do was include a lot of keywords as often as you felt like typing them and you’d quickly rise to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPS.)  That’s no longer the case, as Google and Bing have become much more particular about how they rank sites.  As a result, search engine optimization has become big business, and a lot of companies that specialize in SEO services make a lot of money helping their customers rank their sites. SEO Firesale claims to help you tap into this market by giving you a series of courses that you can sell to interested people at whatever price you choose.

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