Copy Paste Income Review – Copy, Paste and Profit?

Copy Paste Income – Get Rich in a Weekend?


Copy Paste Income, a fairly new product from Internet marketing guru Ewen Chia, says that you can easily earn thousands if you know how to copy and paste, and that he’s been teaching his students how to “get rich” for a dozen years.  Is Copy Paste Income really as easy as Ewen Chia says it is?  Is Copy Paste Income a scam? Read on for our full Copy Paste Income review.

copy paste income reviewEwen Chia really is a success story, but whether what he does can be duplicated is a matter of debate.  He’s been in business for a dozen years and has created a number of successful products, the best known of which is Autopilot Profits.   Copy Paste Income is his latest product, and he says he’s going to show you everything you need to know for using his simple system.  It’s also fairly priced, at $27.  So what’s the deal with Copy Paste Income?

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Autopilot Profits Review – Can Ewen Chia Offer Unlimited Profits?

Autopilot Profits – Cash-Spitting Money Machines or Scam?


Autopilot Profits, a product by Ewen Chia, offers to teach you how to earn “unlimited income” using “autopilot income machines” that can earn $3460.25 in 24 hours.  Not only that, but the Autopilot Profits sales page says you can earn money before you go to sleep tonight.  That’s pretty bold, but is there anything to it?  Or is Autopilot Profits a scam?  Read on for our full Autopilot Profits review.

autopilot profits 2015 reviewAutopilot Profits is being promoted on Clickbank as “Autopilot Profits 2015” and there’s a reason for that – it’s not a new product.  In fact, it’s what’s known in the industry as an “evergreen” product, as Autopilot Profits has been steadily available since 2007.  Ewen Chia, a marketer based in Singapore, has been quite successful at making money online, and his course promises to show you how he does it. Continue reading