Free Binary Options Software – Follow the Money

Free Binary Options Software – Is It Really Free?

I’ve seen a lot of offers lately for free binary options software that is supposed to be able to let you earn thousands of dollars per day on autopilot while you’re out playing golf or doing whatever it is you do in your spare time.   You can make money online with binary options, and you can also lose a fortune, so would-be traders and others who want to work online from home are always looking for some kind of edge.

free binary options software scamThat’s where all of these free binary options software offers come in.  I’ve reviewed a couple of them, Binary App 810 and Auto Profit Replicator and yesterday, I came across another free binary options software offer, a product called Secure Trader.  The sales pages are always the same – some guy tells you how he was losing his shirt in online trading, until he discovered “the secret”, which he managed to encode in an easy to use program.

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