Get Paid to Draw Review – $2000 a Month for Doodles?

Get Paid to Draw Review – Cash for Drawings?

The sales page for Get Paid to Draw says you can earn thousands of dollars per month just by creating simple drawings or taking pictures with your cell phone.  Is that for real?  Or is Get Paid to Draw a scam?  Read on for our full Get Paid to Draw review.

get paid to draw reviewApparently, a “lazy college student” used a “weird trick” to figure out how to earn thousands of dollars a month by taking pictures and even just drawing doodles.  All you have to do, the Get Paid to Draw sales page says, is create your impage, upload them to the “secret sites” they talk about, and get your cash.  Sounds pretty easy, so how does this work?  How do you get paid?

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