Web Hosting – An Essential Tool

Web Hosting – Where Your Site Lives

The next step in the list of things to do after picking a marketing niche and a domain name is deciding on Web hosting.   What’s Web hosting?  Websites on the Internet don’t exist in space; sites are actually collections of files, and those files need to reside on a hard drive on a computer somewhere.  You don’t want them on just any computer, however; you want to have them on a computer that’s connected to the Internet, so that potential customers can visit them.

web hosting serverThere’s more to Web hosting than that, though.  There are a lot of support programs and security features that need to be installed on such a machine, which is usually known as a Web server.  Web servers need to be able to provide Web pages to visitors who want to see them, but they also need to keep out hackers, have a good backup infrastructure so that the sites can stay online 24/7 and come with reliable tech support in the event that something should go wrong.

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