Really Cheap Information Products – Don’t Fall for This New Trick

Watch Out for Really Cheap Information Products

Over the years, I’ve purchased a lot of information products.  These might include ebooks, training courses, video courses or even software.  We’re talking about tools and information to help me improve my online business, or perhaps show me a new way to make money online.  As someone who reviews such products on a regular basis, I see sales pages for such products all the time and I receive offers via email on a daily basis.

really cheap information productsIn general, I try to evaluate whether a particular product is worth the money they’re asking for it.  If Product X sells for $27 or $47 or $97, I try to decide whether it’s worth that, in terms of the information provided or in terms of its earnings potential.  After a while, you can sort of gauge whether or not a particular product is offering sufficient value to justify the price, and often the value exceeds the price.   Recently, however, marketers have changed their strategies by introducing really cheap information products at really low price points, often in the $4-$7 range.  That’s a sneaky trick.

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