Line Quiz Review – Easy Cash, or Survey Scam?

Line Quiz Review – Fast Survey Cash?


No one has ever gone broke running a paid survey Website, as there are simply thousands of people who are willing to offer their opinion on just about anything in exchange for cash.  The latest entry is Line Quiz, which offers to pay you $18 for answering simple survey questions and they’ll allow you to take up to four surveys per day.  That makes for some pretty easy cash, but it seems too easy.  Is Line Quiz a scam?  Read on for our full Line Quiz review.

line quiz reviewSurvey Websites have been around for years, but few of them actually pay real money for taking surveys.  Most of them pay in coupons or gift cards, and the few that do pay cash take hours to complete.  That’s what’s different about Line Quiz.  Their surveys are simple and quick; each one only consists of eight questions and you can complete one in about two minutes.  They even have an affiliate program, which makes it possible for you to earn money from referring your friends to the site.  In fact, you could earn thousands each week if you refer enough people.  Sounds simple enough, so how does Line Quiz work?

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