Free Traffic – What It Is and What It Is Not

Free Traffic – Is It for You?

I’ve written several posts about getting Website traffic based on content and search engine optimization alone.  It’s my preferred method, as I’m in control of most aspects of it.  I create content on topics that I think people will want to read.  I use SEO to ensure that the search engines know what the site is about.  People do searches and if they see my site listed, they click on the link and I get free traffic.  If they decide to link to my blog post from their own blog or from Facebook or some other site, I get links and then more free traffic.  It’s a system that works for me, and I stand by it.

free trafficNot everyone is enamored by free traffic, though.  That may sound kind of strange, after all, who wouldn’t want free traffic?   There are such people, believe it or not, and they do have some valid points.  I was on a marketing forum earlier today and someone had posted a topic entitled “Free Traffic is Time Consuming.”  They’re right; it is time consuming, and that’s why you need to evaluate whether free traffic is what you should be pursuing, first and foremost.

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