Affiliate Marketing and Product Variety

Affiliate Marketing – Spread the Pricing

In the course of earning a living online, I promote and sell a variety of products in a number of different ways.  You might not know that if you read this blog, where I promote a number of products but emphasize one over the others – Wealthy Affiliate.  I like the product, think it offers good value for the money and it converts fairly well, which is to say that the people to whom I recommend the product seem to like it.

affiliate marketing tipsWhile I promote other products, this is the product that I think works best with both the content and the readership of this blog.  Many of the visitors to this site are people who are new to trying to make money online and they may not fully understand the process that goes into making money in affiliate marketing.  Wealthy Affiliate is a good way to introduce them to the concepts involved and with the free trial, they can even learn the basics for free.  But someone recently posted a question in the comments on this site about that, asking, “Why do you promote wealthy affiliate for a few bucks when you can promote these “high ticket” products and make much more? ”  That’s a good question, so I thought I’d go into detail about that in this blog post.

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Marketing Niche – Why Your Choice is Important

Marketing Niche Choice – It Matters

I’ve written before about choosing a marketing niche, which is basically deciding which category of interest you’d like to choose for making money online.  Your marketing niche is basically the portion of the market that you’ve chosen as your target.  There are limitless choices when it comes to selecting a marketing niche, but it turns out that your choice will make a difference, and it will matter a lot.

marketing nicheA marketing niche is generally considered to be a fairly narrow segment of a larger portion of the overall market.  When you’re trying to work online from home, you’ll find that you have greater success if you can choose a marketing niche that’s fairly narrow, but not so narrow as to have no potential customers.  That means that you’re going to have to find a segment of the market to target as your source of income. Continue reading

Marketing Niches and How to Choose Them

Marketing Niche – Picking a Good One

Before you can get started with your mission to work online from home, you need to begin to give some thought to how you’re going to make your money.  I don’t mean anything specific, such as, “I’m going to sell Industrial Products Widget 32-A in bulk at $99.99 each.”  What I mean is, what marketing niche are you going to enter?  If you want to make money online, there are a few steps you need to take, starting from the general and working towards the specific.  It’s likely that you have no idea where you want to start or what you want to do.  Don’t worry; that’s not unusual.  What you don’t want to do is put the cart before the horse and try to start a business before you figure out what it is you want to do.

What is a Marketing Niche?

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