Millionaires Challenge System Review – $100,332 Per Month?

Millionaires Challenge System Review

Price: $49 (plus thousands in upsells)
Rating: (zero stars)

millionaires challenge system reviewIf you’ve been in the Internet marketing business for a while, you’ll eventually end up on a lot of mailing lists.  I try to stay on the useful ones, and unsubscribe from the ones that peddle junk or offer no value.  Today, I received a message from a usually helpful list about a product called the Millionaires Challenge System.

“If you’re sick of the ups and downs in your business and really want to create a solid, predictable income flow online, watch this…”  I went ahead and clicked on the link and was taken to the Millionaires Challenge System page, where Shaquir Hussyin told me that he’d show me his system for earning $100,332.86 per month.  That’s certainly interesting, and I generally trust the sender of the message.  So what’s it about?  Is Millionaires Challenge System a scam?

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