Multitrendo Review – Get Paid to Read News Articles

Multitrendo Review – Easy Cash or Scam?



When something works well, you keep doing it until it doesn’t work anymore.  That’s what’s happening with the large number of Websites that have recently sprung up offering to pay people for reading news articles.  No one has ever gone broke offering sites that promise to pay money for doing little work, and the “get paid to read news” niche has exploded in recent months.  The latest entry in this market is a site called Multitrendo, and it’s more or less a copy of several other sites that I’ve recently reviewed.  Still, there are a few minor differences between Multitrendo and other similar sites, so I thought I’d do a Multitrendo review.

multitrendo reviewAs with the other sites, you can sign up for Multitrendo quite easily.  It just takes a minute to provide an email address and a password.  You don’t even have to confirm the address; once you type in those two pieces of information, you’re logged in.   You will also be asked to provide your PayPal, Payza or Skrill account address or number so that Multitrendo can pay you.

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