Sales Pages Are Designed to Manipulate You

Sales Pages Mislead on Purpose

I’ve written before about the structure of the long form sales pages that are used to promote moneymaking products, but I thought I’d spend a bit more time on the subject.  There are a lot of good and worthwhile courses and software programs out there that are for sale in the make money online niche, but there are also a lot of moneymaking scams, misleading products and a few products I’ve seen are bordering on criminal.  Most of the good products will use their sales page to show you what their product does and how you might benefit from buying it.  For a software product, for instance, sales page mights devote a lot of space, or even a video, to showing you how the software works and what it does.

sales pages misleadFor the scam products, the sales pages tend to have a slightly different focus.  In these cases, you’re going to see sales pages that seemingly talk about everything but the product itself.  The purpose of such sales pages is to mislead you into thinking about the potential results of your purchase, rather than the very nature of the purchase itself.  Sometimes, the distinction is pretty fine, but other times, it’s blatant.  Read on and I’ll give you some examples of how sales pages are often designed to get you thinking about anything but the product itself. Continue reading

How Sales Pages Are Designed to Take Your Money

Sales Pages Can Trick You

If you’ve spent any time shopping for products about how to make money online, you’ve probably encountered the long form sales page that’s common to the industry.  A quick look at such sales pages might suggest that they were designed by insane people, as they’re full of odd graphics, multiple fonts, videos, bullet points and content that goes on forever.  Actually, long form sales pages are carefully designed to maximize the chances that you’ll buy.

sales pages trickeryIn this post, I’ll go over some of the most common features of Internet marketing sales pages, so you can see how they attempt to manipulate the buyer into parting with their cash.  While there are some good products out there, you’ll also encounter a lot of junk, and the easiest way to avoid that is to understand how you’re being tricked by sales pages.

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