Shopify WordPress Plugin Review – Build a Store in Minutes

Shopify WordPress Plugin Review


shopify reviewI write a lot about affiliate marketing on this site, mostly because I believe it offers the easiest path to making money online for newbie marketers.  That doesn’t mean, of course, that it’s the only way to make money.  One of the better ways to make money online is still old-fashioned direct retail – selling physical products to people.  That can be problematic, but the new Shopify WordPress plugin makes it a lot easier, especially for existing Websites.

I’ve previously written a Shopify review; it’s one of the Web’s leading ecommerce solutions for sites and businesses of all sizes.  They can set up your store for you, host it for you (or you can host it yourself) and handle the credit card transactions, too.  They can handle thousands of products along with different sizes, styles and colors and the resulting store looks as impressive as anything else you’re going to find online.

This is great if you’re starting from scratch, but what if you simply want to add ecommerce to an existing site?  That’s where the Shopify WordPress plugin comes in and it can make it really easy to add one or more products to an existing site that is not built for ecommerce.  Read on for the full Shopify WordPress plugin review.

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