Stock Photos and Where to Get Them

 Why You Need Stock Photos

There are a number of things you need to consider when creating a blog, and one of those is the blog’s visual look.  You can have the most important things to say, but people get bored with a page that has nothing but text on it.  For that reason, you want to spice up your pages a bit with some graphics or some photos.  Unless you take the pictures or design the graphics yourself, you’re going to have to acquire some stock photos somewhere, and that can get expensive.

stock photos technologyHow expensive?  That depends.  You can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a single photo, depending on the source.  Obviously, that can add up quickly and spending $1000 per blog post for photos is something that’s well outside the budget of even the most well-heeled bloggers.  What you don’t want to do is what a lot of people do as a shortcut – simply do a search of Google Images, find something you like, and copy it and post it into your Web page.  That “free” photo could cost you a fortune.  How so?  Images are copyrighted, and in many cases, the people who own those stock photos will sue.

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