The Best Spinner Review – Text Manipulation Made Easy

The Best Spinner Review – Article Writing Efficiency



If you’re going to be working online in affiliate marketing, you’re going to be doing a lot of writing.  I spend most of my day writing posts, publishing articles here and there and just doing a lot of typing in general.  While most of what I write is unique, and that’s certainly true of what I write on this blog, I do sometimes find myself writing articles to be published here and there that are very similar.  It gets tiresome doing that and that’s where The Best Spinner, a software tool by Jon Leger, can come in handy.

the best spinner reviewThe Best Spinner is a text manipulation tool that can take some text, either a sentence or an entire novel, and change it to say the exact same thing using different words.  It’s not a useful tool for basic content creation; after all, you want all of your blog posts to be unique.  But if you need to publish articles to 50 article directories, for instance, talking about how great your blog happens to be, you might want to write one article and then spend a bit of time using a piece of software like The Best Spinner to make changes to the article so that every version of it that’s published online is different and won’t be subject to the duplicate content penalties from the search engines.  The Best Spinner can make it easy to make those changes, and it will allow you to publish useful, meaningful content in a minimum amount of time.

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