Really Cheap Information Products – Don’t Fall for This New Trick

Watch Out for Really Cheap Information Products

Over the years, I’ve purchased a lot of information products.  These might include ebooks, training courses, video courses or even software.  We’re talking about tools and information to help me improve my online business, or perhaps show me a new way to make money online.  As someone who reviews such products on a regular basis, I see sales pages for such products all the time and I receive offers via email on a daily basis.

really cheap information productsIn general, I try to evaluate whether a particular product is worth the money they’re asking for it.  If Product X sells for $27 or $47 or $97, I try to decide whether it’s worth that, in terms of the information provided or in terms of its earnings potential.  After a while, you can sort of gauge whether or not a particular product is offering sufficient value to justify the price, and often the value exceeds the price.   Recently, however, marketers have changed their strategies by introducing really cheap information products at really low price points, often in the $4-$7 range.  That’s a sneaky trick.

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What Are They Selling?

When the Product Isn’t What You’re Buying

If you spend any time in the world of Internet marketing, you’re going to end up on the mailing list of a number of marketers.  That’s OK, because that’s how you learn about new products and software tools that can be useful to you in your affiliate marketing business.  Sometimes, however, there’s a difference between what you’re buying and what the vendor is really selling, and it’s not always obvious.  That may sound strange, but read on and you’ll see what I mean.  I’ll tell you how to watch out for this trap.

alex jeffreys scamA great example of this tactic can be found in a new product from Alex Jeffreys called Digital Product Machine.  This course is being marketed as a way of generating traffic to your Website using a secret method that no one talks about.  Actually, there’s no real secret to what Digital Product Machine is about; it’s about creating products of your own, getting a bunch of people to market them for you as affiliates, and watching thousands of people come to your Website.  Digital Product Machine isn’t overly expensive, so even though it’s not all that groundbreaking, it’s also not bank-breaking.  But there’s more going on under the hood of this product than you may realize…

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Auto Mass Traffic Review – $540,430.00 on Autopilot?

Auto Mass Traffic – Easy Autopilot Traffic?


Mo Latif, creator of Auto Mass Traffic, says he earned more than a half a million dollars on autopilot using the Auto Mass Traffic that he’s offering for sale for only $37.  That’s impressive, especially since he says it doesn’t make use of social media, blogging, search engine optimization or even Google.  Great!  It sounds like Auto Mass Traffic is just the thing that everyone needs.  Is Auto Mass Traffic the real deal, or is Auto Mass Traffic a scam?  Read on for our full Auto Mass Traffic review.

auto mass traffic reviewIf you’re going to do anything by way of a Website, you’re going to need traffic.  Without visitors, you’ve got nothing.  Just a Website that has no one to look at it.   Of course, any marketer will tell you that attracting visitors to your site is about 90% of the work.  Getting traffic is hard, and in some cases, expensive.  That’s why Auto Mass Traffic sounds appealing.  It’s cheap, and it’s automated and it doesn’t involve a lot of the tedious stuff that most Webmasters hate doing.  So what does Auto Mass Traffic do?

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Upsells – Watch Out for This Tactic

Upsells – How They Get More of Your Money

If you spend any time doing anything online in the make money online marketing niche, you’re going to end up buying your fair share of information products.  Courses on “how to make money doing X” and software tools designed to help you speed up the process of building sites and drawing traffic are always of interest to Internet marketers.  Some of the products are good and some are awful.  That just goes with the territory.  One thing, however, is always a nuisance, regardless of the product – upsells.

upsells - greedIt wasn’t all that many years ago that the software or information products you’d see for sale on Clickbank and elsewhere were essentially self-contained.  You’d look over the sales page, decide if the product was potentially useful to you and then you’d see the price and decide whether you wanted to buy.  Those days are gone, and now, marketers are creating what is known as a “sales funnel” to extract every possible dollar out of their customers.  Upsells are the key to that.

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