Website Traffic and Patience – Sometimes It Just Takes Time

Website Traffic – Waiting for Google


website trafficI’ve stressed over and over how important it is to get traffic to your site.  In fact, it’s where you’re going to spend some 90% of your time when you build a Website with the intention of making money.

The greatest site in the world is useless without Website traffic.

You need visitors to make money.  It’s that simple.

Building a site is relatively easy.  So is finding a product to promote.  Creating good content is harder, but the hardest part is finding a way to get people to visit you so they can buy whatever it is that you’re selling or promoting.

There are lots of ways to generate Website traffic, from proper onsite SEO to social media to paid advertising.  These things all contribute getting traffic to your site.

Sometimes, however, you just need time.  Everyone wants to get traffic to their site immediately, and that’s understandable.  After all, you’re paying to put that site online from day one, and it would be nice to have that site rise to the top of the Google rankings right away, so you can start making money.

If you’re determined to make a career of Internet marketing, however, you should be prepared to play the long game.  Work on your site.  Add good content.  And be patient.

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Free Traffic to a Niche Blog

Your Niche Blog and Free Traffic

I was on a marketing forum recently and someone posted a legitimate question – “How can I get traffic for my niche blog?”  The question was a basic one; he was trying to figure out how he could get free traffic to his blog.  Common wisdom in the Internet marketing world about blogging is pretty straightforward – follow your passion.  As long as you’re interested in something, and you write about it both often and well, people will find you.  Actually, getting free traffic to your niche blog is a bit more complicated than that.

blogging and free trafficThe guy who posted the question wasn’t exactly a newbie, and he’d done his research and thought he was doing everything right.  The topic of his niche blog is a popular one in the make money online niche.  He’s writing about the topics that are generally popular in that niche – building Websites, creating a mailing list, how to write productively, and more.  He’s also doing a lot of the other “behind the scenes” things that are supposed to help draw traffic.

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Forum Marketing – Free Traffic If You Follow the Rules

Forum Marketing -It Works if You Do it Correctly

Everyone wants traffic to their Websites.  Without traffic, we don’t make any money.  But it can be hard to get people to come to your Website, and if you don’t have money for advertising, you’re going to have to look at ways to get free traffic.  That’s the best kind, anyway, since it allows you to save your money for something else.  You will have to pay for it with time and patience.  If you’re looking for a way to get free traffic, forum marketing is a longstanding method that still works, provided that you follow the rules.

forum_marketing_2One of the great things about the Web is the sheer numbers of forums related to just about any topic you can imagine.  This form of social network predates Facebook and still thrives today.  A forum is a membership site, which you can usually join for free, that allows you to exchange thoughts, questions and ideas with other people who are interested in the same topic. Forum marketing is simply a method of using such a Website to draw free traffic to your own site, and the method is a fairly simple one, though it does take some time to become effective.

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Free Traffic – What It Is and What It Is Not

Free Traffic – Is It for You?

I’ve written several posts about getting Website traffic based on content and search engine optimization alone.  It’s my preferred method, as I’m in control of most aspects of it.  I create content on topics that I think people will want to read.  I use SEO to ensure that the search engines know what the site is about.  People do searches and if they see my site listed, they click on the link and I get free traffic.  If they decide to link to my blog post from their own blog or from Facebook or some other site, I get links and then more free traffic.  It’s a system that works for me, and I stand by it.

free trafficNot everyone is enamored by free traffic, though.  That may sound kind of strange, after all, who wouldn’t want free traffic?   There are such people, believe it or not, and they do have some valid points.  I was on a marketing forum earlier today and someone had posted a topic entitled “Free Traffic is Time Consuming.”  They’re right; it is time consuming, and that’s why you need to evaluate whether free traffic is what you should be pursuing, first and foremost.

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Website Traffic – Work Smarter, Not Harder

Website Traffic from Search Engines

As I have mentioned before, if you’re involved in online affiliate marketing, you’re likely to spend about 90% of your effort trying to get Website traffic.  Obtaining organic Website traffic from the search engines is generally regarded as the most difficult thing to do in making your Website successful.  There are a number of reasons for this, but one of them is simply competition.  There are millions of Websites out there and in many marketing niches, there’s lots of competition.

website traffic

There are ways to get Website traffic relatively easily, provided that you don’t mind spending a lot of money.  Advertising usually works, but most of us don’t have a lot of money to spend on proper advertising, such as radio or television ads.  Even online advertising, such as pay per click advertising, can cost you a bundle until you get it optimized.  In some niches, however, it can cost nearly $100 per click to get visitors through Google Adwords.  For most people trying to make money online, that can be a deal breaker.  It’s understandably discouraging, but it’s not that hard to get Website traffic if you go about attracting it in the right way.

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