Tempo Quiz Review – Quick Surveys for Fast Cash?

Tempo Quiz – Easy Money or Scam?


Site: www.TempoQuiz.com

One business that will always make money, it seems, is offering people cash for taking surveys.  This isn’t a new business; the cash for surveys niche has been around for decades, and there are numerous products on Clickbank that offer tips on how you can allegedly earn a living that way.  But lately, I’ve see a huge increase in the number of sites that not only offer to tell you how to make money taking surveys, but actually offer to pay you directly.  The latest of these is Tempo Quiz, which offers $18 for taking a short quiz that you can complete in less than two minutes.  With a generous affiliate program, Tempo Quiz makes it easy to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per week.  Is Tempo Quiz a scam?  Read on for our full Tempo Quiz review.

tempo quiz reviewIt’s true that marketing companies need information before bringing products to market.  When you create a product and invest thousands or even millions of dollars in it, you want to make sure that your advertising is going to reach the intended demographic groups and that it’s going to be effective.  After all, if you’re creating a commercial to sell something, you want to test it to make sure that people who see it will actually want to buy the product.  Tempo Quiz says they’re providing such a service; their surveys consist of asking you to watch short television commercials, and then you have to answer a few questions about the commercial you just saw.

Tempo Quiz Overview

It’s easy enough to sign up for Tempo Quiz; you just provide a username, a password, and your PayPal email address so that they can pay you.  Then you log in and you’ll see your dashboard.  Tempo Quiz provides you with an affiliate link, too.  You can sign up a bunch of people using that link and you can theoretically earn a $18 bonus for each person you sign up as well as 15% of the earnings of your referrals.  That can add up to thousands of dollars per week, especially if you promote your Tempo Quiz link on Facebook or Craigslist, as Tempo Quiz recommends.


To take a survey, just click the “Surveys” link at the top of the page.  You’ll have a choice of four different ones, and that’s the number of surveys you can take each day.  Just click one, watch the commercials and then answer the multiple choice questions that follow.  They’re pretty simple; they look like these:

  • Did you see this trade mark earlier?
  • Does the advertising video create a good impression about the company?
  • How do you treat to the goods by this producer?
  • Do you perceive this advertisement as original, new, and differ from the other some?
  • Should the company place this advertisement in the Internet?
  • Appreciate the degree of importance of the information you got
  • Can this advertisement help in involving of consumers?
  • How does this advertisement look compared with competitive producers?

If it takes you more than two minutes to watch the commercial and take the corresponding survey, you’re taking too long.  Once you’re done, Tempo Quiz will tell you that you’ve earned $18.  Then you can repeat the process.  By taking surveys alone, you can earn $72 per day, or close to $500 per week.  With the affiliate program, your earnings potential at Tempo Quiz is unlimited.

tempo quiz scamOf course, earning $72 for less than ten minutes of work sounds too good to be true, and in this case, it almost certainly is too good to be true.  Tempo Quiz claims they were founded in 2013, but it appears that the domain name for the site was actually registered in June, 2015, so the thousands of members they claim to have and the millions of dollars they claim to have paid out over the years are certainly not true.

The other thing that sticks out about Tempo Quiz is the surveys themselves.  It’s true that marketing companies test their commercials before releasing them to the public.  They do, after all, want to know if their commercials are going to persuade the public to buy the product.  But the commercials that you’re being shown at Tempo Quiz are old commercials.  These commercials are months old, and have long since outlived their usefulness.  Asking you questions about them now would be pointless.  Even stranger – if you come back to Tempo Quiz tomorrow, you’ll likely see the same commercials again.

Furthermore, the questions themselves are useless and vague and would be of no help to marketers.  Marketers want to know if the commercials work, but they also want to know if they’re effective in reaching their target demographic group.  If the product is intended for people in the 18-35 age group, the marketers need to find people in that age group to watch the commercial and get their opinions on it.  They also need to know other information about the people watching the ads, such as where they live, how much they earn and what kind of education they have.  Tempo Quiz asks none of this information, and without it, the results of the surveys are absolutely useless to marketing companies.

What is Tempo Quiz really doing?  It’s hard to say, but here are a few guesses:

  • Harvesting email addresses to send out spam.  Email addresses always have value to spammers, and you can’t ever have enough of them.
  • Harvesting PayPal login addresses to try to hack PayPal accounts.   PayPal has pretty effective means of thwarting hacking attempts, but if you have 20,000 addresses to work with and unlimited time, you can probably hack a few accounts and get access to bank accounts and credit card numbers.
  • Building up YouTube views.  There’s a benefit in getting a lot of YouTube views so that you can use your account to promote other types of videos for profit.

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Tempo Quiz Summary

tempo quiz - thumbs downIs Tempo Quiz a scam?  Of course it is.  It’s a site like Line Quiz, and Up Survey and a few other sites that are obviously run by the same company that shows the same commercials over and over.  They’re not going to pay; I’ve yet to hear of anyone getting paid by any of these companies.  Whatever they’re doing, they’re not going to pay you, and that, in the end, is what makes signing up for Tempo Quiz a waste of time.

You can make money online, but if you’re interested in doing that, you should join Wealthy Affiliate instead of Tempo Quiz.  Wealthy Affiliate is a training program, online community and forum for helping people create their own online business and earn a living working from home.  The site is nearly a decade old and has thousands of members with success stories.  If you want to make money online, check it out.

As for Tempo Quiz, I can’t recommend it.  Stay away.


5 thoughts on “Tempo Quiz Review – Quick Surveys for Fast Cash?

  1. This is such a scam I was supposedly supposed to get paid yesterday and nothing. I’m irate luckily I wasn’t dependent on that money. what complete bs I’m talking to my lawyers right now under fraud!!! I’m irate!! Oh I will get paid!!!

  2. Yea this is a huge scam was waiting to get paid today supposedly and it didn’t happen and my computer got lots of hackers!!! F*** them I’m sueing I can prove that my computer got hackers.

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