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The Best Spinner Review – Article Writing Efficiency



If you’re going to be working online in affiliate marketing, you’re going to be doing a lot of writing.  I spend most of my day writing posts, publishing articles here and there and just doing a lot of typing in general.  While most of what I write is unique, and that’s certainly true of what I write on this blog, I do sometimes find myself writing articles to be published here and there that are very similar.  It gets tiresome doing that and that’s where The Best Spinner, a software tool by Jon Leger, can come in handy.

the best spinner reviewThe Best Spinner is a text manipulation tool that can take some text, either a sentence or an entire novel, and change it to say the exact same thing using different words.  It’s not a useful tool for basic content creation; after all, you want all of your blog posts to be unique.  But if you need to publish articles to 50 article directories, for instance, talking about how great your blog happens to be, you might want to write one article and then spend a bit of time using a piece of software like The Best Spinner to make changes to the article so that every version of it that’s published online is different and won’t be subject to the duplicate content penalties from the search engines.  The Best Spinner can make it easy to make those changes, and it will allow you to publish useful, meaningful content in a minimum amount of time.

The Best Spinner Overview

The Best Spinner is a subscription product that runs on your desktop.  It’s not new; Jon Leger first released the product in 2009.  Current pricing is a reasonable $47 per year, which is quite a bit less than it’s sold for in the past.  The software has an interface that will be similar to that used by most word processors.  In the main area, you enter the text with which you’d like to start.  In this case, I’ve used a simple sentence:  The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


the best spinnerTo use The Best Spinner, just enter your text and then highlight a word or phrase that you’d like to change.  When I highlight “quick”, for instance, The Best Spinner offers a number of possible suggestions for replacing that term.  You can pick the ones you like or add one of your own to the list.  Hitting the TAB key will move the cursor to the next word or phrase.  You can then repeat the process with each phrase or word until you’re finished.   The Best Spinner uses something called “spintax” to separate terms.  If you were to replace “red” using The Best Spinner, you might see something that looks like this:  {red|blue|green|yellow|orange}  The resulting sentence might use “red” or it might use one of the other terms.

I’ve completed going through my sample sentence, and The Best Spinner produced this:

The {quick|fast|speedy|rapid|swift} {brown|brownish|red|grey} fox {jumps|leaps|springs|bounds} over the {lazy|sluggish|care-free|slow-moving} {dog|canine|puppy|pet dog|doggie}.


That may make no sense, but if you click the “spun article” button in the software, it will produce a sentence that’s much different from the original.  Clicking “new spin” will produce other variations:

The speedy brownish fox jumps over the care-free pet dog.
The quick red fox leaps over the care-free doggie.
The speedy brown fox leaps over the lazy dog.
The swift grey fox bounds over the care-free pet dog.
The fast grey fox bounds over the slow-moving doggie.

You don’t have to replace just words with The Best Spinner; you can also replace entire phrases or even sentences.  This process allows you to quickly go through entire articles to produce one that’s technically much different from the original, but which conveys the same meaning.

If you’re using The Best Spinner to replace text in a lengthy article, it can be a bit time consuming to go through each word or phrase one at at time.  If you’re in a hurry, you can simply highlight some text or select the entire article and choose “Everyone’s Favorites.”  The Best Spinner keeps track of new synonyms that other users of the product are using and creating, and you can use terms from the global database to replace entire paragraphs of text.  You can also choose the quality of synonyms that you use, from Good to Better to Best.  If you’re going to use this feature, I recommend using “Best” only, as the lesser two categories sometimes produce results that aren’t as coherent as they might be.

the_best_spinner_3Personally, when I use The Best Spinner, I always go through the text manually, selecting words or phrases one by one.  It does take a bit more time to do it this way, but the more time you spend on it, the better your results will be.  A guide in the lower right hand corner of the program shows you how many words there are in your article.  It also shows you the percentage of uniqueness that your article has.  The higher, the better.  You can also check the uniqueness of your articles against content found on the Web using Copyscape.  While I don’t recommend taking someone else’s work and rewriting it using The Best Spinner, it is possible to take existing works and turn them into something that is essentially unique and you can literally do it in seconds.  The Best Spinner Website has a good demo of how all of this works.

While The Best Spinner works well, it isn’t perfect.  I’ve been using the software since early in its development and I find that it still occasionally crashes.  Fortunately, The Best Spinner tech support is good and Jon Leger is usually quick to respond to any problems in the software.  He’s sold some 70,000+ copies to date, so that’s a testament to the durability of the program’s usefulness.

The Best Spinner Summary

the best spinner- thumbs upWhile I think it’s usually best policy to write your own content, time is money, and writing 50 versions of the same thing to publish to 50 different Websites isn’t necessarily the best way to spend your time.  A program like The Best Spinner does make it easy to create unique, readable text in a short amount of time and frees you up to do other things that may be more worth your while.  The Best Spinner is easy to use, comes with great support, and it’s available at a good price.

The Best Spinner is highly recommended.


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