The Huge Pay Review – $90 Per Day Easily?

The Huge Pay Review

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the huge pay reviewWell, if you’re going to name your product The Huge Pay, you’d better be promising….well, huge pay, right?  I don’t know that they’re promising that; their home page says you can earn $90 per day.  Still, $90 per day is a fair amount of money, if not a huge one, and if you earn that every day of the year, you’ll be taking in more than $32,000 annually.

That is a lot of money for simply sharing a link, so if that’s all there is to it, I thought I should check it out and see if you can really earn that kind of money.  Is The Huge Pay a scam, or is it the real deal?

Read on for the complete The Huge Pay review.

The Huge Pay Overview

The Huge Pay Website seems to be a cleaned-up version of the same sort of sites I’ve previously reviewed, such as Duty on Time.  The Huge Pay site looks a little better than that one, but it works the same way.


You create an account by giving them an email address, a password, a name, and an address.  They’re not too picky; I gave them “123 Main Street” as my address, with no city or state and they accepted it.  Once you’ve done that, you log in to The Huge Pay and you’ll see your dashboard.

At your dashboard, you’ll see that they’re already showing $25 in “earnings,” and that’s supposed to be a bonus, I guess.  You’ll also see your special link that you’re supposed to share.  They tell you that you’ll receive $10 every time that you share the link.

the huge pay scamThat’s all you have to do.  Their FAQ page says that you should share it all over social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, forums, chat rooms, blogs and so on.  Every time someone clicks on that link in one of those places, visits The Huge Pay site and signs up, you’ll see $10 added to your account.

This part actually works; I’ve created accounts at some of the other sites that this company operates and the earnings do in fact go up when people click on the link and sign up.

Why does The Huge Pay do this?  They say that the reason they do this is to get people to visit their site, and that they “get paid from our advertisers for the traffic they bring them.”  That’s true, sort of, and I’ll get to that in a bit.

The Huge Pay says that you have to have $400 in your account before you can cash out, and when you’re ready to do that, they say that they’ll pay you in your choice of six different ways – PayPal, Payza, Moneygram, Western Union, a bank transfer or a good, old-fashioned check.

the huge pay ripoffNow that I’ve said all of that, lots of you have probably already run off to The Huge Pay site to sign up, confident that you’re going to earn huge bucks.  It happens every time; I usually put my affiliate link in the review just to see if people actually sign up and more often than not, I’ve accumulated enough money in my account balance to request a withdrawal after just a day or two.

That would be great, except for one little thing…

The Huge Pay does not pay.

They’re not going to pay you.  Not today, not tomorrow and not next year.  They don’t pay at all.

Rest assured, in a week or two, there will be many comments on this page from people who have signed up, earned the requisite amount of money and then are complaining to me in my comments section about how they are not getting paid.  That’s how it happens every time, but The Huge Pay is not my site, and I have no control over anything they do.

I’m just the one reviewing the site and I’ll suggest that you do not go there and that you do not sign up and that you do not start sharing your link all over the Web, because you will be wasting your time.

So, why is The Huge Pay doing any of this?  They say that they’re trying to get traffic for their advertisers, but there aren’t any ads on the site.  How does that work?

The ads don’t show up until you try to get paid.  Once you have $400 in your account balance, you can request payment.  At that time, you’ll see a link that you can click on to ask them for payment.  When you do that, you’ll be redirected to another page, but when that happens, you’ll see a message that the page is locked, and that in order to unlock the page, you’ll first have to complete an offer.

These offers are simple forms that you fill out with your name and address or email address.  They’ll be offers for such things as gift cards, free socks or even an iPhone.  The offers vary, but the method is always the same – they ask you for your name and address in exchange for your chance to qualify for some sort of freebie.

If you do that, will The Huge Pay then pay you?  No, they will not.  The entire purpose of The Huge Pay site is to get you to complete one of those offers, because every time you do that, they get paid by one of their advertisers.  That’s all; it’s just a ruse to get you to sign up for free socks or an iPhone so that the people who run The Huge Pay can earn anywhere from $1-$10 when you sign up.

The Huge Pay Summary

the huge pay - thumbs downCan you earn $90 per day with The Huge Pay?  No, though you can watch the amount of money in your account balance increase if you share the link.  I’ll probably have at least that much money in my account balance tomorrow.  The problem is that they don’t let you cash out, and they will never pay you.  They’re just tricking you into completing an offer for something you likely don’t even want.

After that, of course, you’ll start getting lots of email from one of those advertisers and they’ll try to sell you all kinds of things.  Since you were looking to make money, rather than spend money, I’d guess that this isn’t what you really had in mind regarding The Huge Pay, right?  There are better ways to make money than by signing up with The Huge Pay.

The Huge Pay is a waste of time and is not recommended.


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