The Launch Bible Review – Easy Newbie Profits?

The Launch Bible – Is it a Scam?

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Alex Jeffreys has recently relaunched his product called The Launch Bible, which he claims offers a step-by-step plan for generating $300 per day or even $10,000 per week, all while you are “in your PJ’s sitting at the kitchen table.”  That’s quite a promise.  Is there anything to it?  What’s The Launch Bible 2.0 (this is an update of a previous product) all about?  Is The Launch Bible a scam?  Read on for our full The Launch Bible review.

The Launch Bible Overview

the launch bible review logoAlex Jeffrey’s has a history of creating profitable products, and this one is about how you can make money creating products of your own.  It’s true that the people who create marketing products generally make more money than the ones who work as affiliates, though the two work together and neither can make a lot of money without the other.  Alex says on The Launch Bible sales page that the way to make the big money is to avoid being an affiliate marketer and go straight to creating products yourself.  Then he tells you that The Launch Bible is so easy to follow that even complete newbies can earn big money online, and his product is going to give you a step-by-step plan for doing so.  So, what’s the product?

Despite the photo on The Launch Bible sales page that gives the impression that The Launch Bible is some sort of course that comes in a book, or on a CD or DVD, the main product, which sells for $10 or so, is actually a downloadable video that runs about two hours.  That’s it.  While the sales page claims that The Launch Bible course consists of six modules, there’s really only one video that supposedly contains everything you need to know.  After all, Alex says that “…there’s absolutely nothing held back.  Every trick, every resource, every secret…it’s all explained in step-by-step detail ready for you to get started TODAY.”


OK, so everything you need is there and you get it all for less than $10?  Sounds like a deal, except…after you agree to buy The Launch Bible for the $8-$10 or so they’re charging for it (the price increases every few sales) you’re going to be offered several upsells, including a video of a live seminar called “Training with Alex Live.”  That 7 module course is going to show you “the step by step system for making $11,340 per month working just 4 hours per week.”

the launch bible - good for newbies? NoThat’s odd; didn’t Alex already tell us that nothing was held back and that The Launch Bible had everything we need?  Apparently, Alex thinks you also need the $17 one-time offer.  If you buy that, you’ll certainly have everything you need to make a lot of money online, right?  No, because after that, Alex is going to offer you a subscription to a membership site with a monthly subscription that costs $47 per month.  What does that involve?  Live monthly training.  Monthly videos, access to the “Secret Mastermind Community” and a few PDF files.

After that, you’re going to be regularly offered additional products that Alex wants you to buy.  All of this after you started by buying The Launch Bible system that was ostensibly complete and had everything you need.

Well, what’s in The Launch Bible “complete” system?  You get a two hour video and a 3 page PDF file with a checklist of steps you need to follow to create a product launch.  The video is poorly recorded, with terrible audio.  The checklist has 50 items on it, and he’s going to cover everything on that checklist in 118 minutes.   Except that he doesn’t get to the first item on the list until 15 minutes into the video.  That means he’s going to spend an average of two minutes on each item on the checklist.

Keep in mind that The Launch Bible checklist includes such items as “pick niche”, “create sales page”, “write sales letter” and “create product.”  Each of these topics could easily justify a course of its own; devoting no more than two minutes to each of them will hardly constitute a plan that tells you everything you need to know.  I’ve created products of my own, and a two hour overview with a 3 page checklist isn’t going to begin to cover what you need to know to come up with a product idea, create the product, build a Website, sign up an army of affiliates and manage a large product launch.  It just isn’t.

The suggestion that The Launch Bible is perfect for those who are new to trying to make money online is ludicrous.  There’s simply no way that most experienced marketers could glean what they need to know from a two hour video.  For a newbie who knows nothing about affiliate marketing or product creation?  Impossible.

the launch bible appeal to greedIt’s worth noting that on the JV page for The Launch Bible, Alex is offering 100% of the sales price for The Launch Bible and the two upsells to his affiliates.  That means that if you buy everything, he hasn’t made any money.   How is he making his money?  He’s building a huge mailing list by selling this product, and he’s going to make his money on the back end by selling products to you via email.  Furthermore, The Launch Bible sales page has the typical appeal to the buyer’s greed by including pictures of Alex and friends/family at the beach.  This is a typical ploy designed to get you thinking about how much money you’re going to make, rather than thinking about what you’re actually buying.

There is a lot of money to be made creating products and recruiting a group of affiliates to sell them for you.  It’s a complex task, with a lot of moving parts, and it takes months and thousands of dollars to set up if you want to do it correctly.  It’s not something that a newbie who has no experience, no ideas, and no history of creating information products can pick up in a two hour video.  I doubt you’ll have much in the way of useful information even if you buy all of the upsells.

The Launch Bible Summary

The Launch Bible - thumbs downIs The Launch Bible a scam?  No, it isn’t a scam, so much as it’s not a very thorough product.  The Launch Bible gives you the vaguest overview of the process of finding a niche, creating a product, and marketing it to the public.  You’ll spend a lot of money and likely have lots of questions when you’re done.  You won’t have any idea how to make $10,000 per week.  A better idea would be to join a program like Wealthy Affiliate that actually shows you, from the ground up, how to make money online with a free, comprehensive, 10 module training course.  You’ll do a lot better with that than you will with The Launch Bible, which we cannot recommend.


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