The Singing Guru Review – Learn How to Make Millions?

The Singing Guru – Easy Path to Millions?


The Singing Guru is the latest product from longtime marketer Jamie Lewis.  In his sales page and promotional material, he says he’s going to show you exactly how he has earned $12 million as an Internet marketer, and he’s going to do it for one low price.  Is he on the level?  Is The Singing Guru a scam?  Read on for our full The Singing Guru review.

The Singing Guru reviewThe sales page for The Singing Guru is perhaps the most annoying sales page I’ve ever seen.  He sings – sort of.  The video runs more than sixteen minutes, and Jamie alternately talks about how he’s going to help you learn how to make millions while occasionally engaging in a bad reggae song about how rich he is and how he puts all of the other gurus to shame.  Oh, and he’s dressed like a gangster, for whatever that’s worth.

The Singing Guru Overview

The Singing Guru sells for $24.95, and for that, Jamie’s going to give you everything, he says.  Well, that’s not true, as he has a couple of upsells.  The first one gives you access to a bunch of Jamie’s webinars for $47.  The other one is a traffic system called Web Siphon that sells for $197.  This is a fairly typical sales funnel – you get a sales page that says you’ll get everything you need for a low price, only to be told, after you’ve agreed to buy, that you can make even more money by buying more products.  So the low $24.95 price Jamie tells you about will sell to $268.97 if you really want to succeed and go all in.

What’s in the The Singing Guru course?  The “Cash Vacuum” system Jamie talks about consists of ten video “modules” as well as a 100 page PDF “manifesto.”  Topics covered in the video modules are:

  • Module 1: The Owner’s Manual: Learn all about the The Singing Guru system, SEO, linking…
  • Module 2: Working with campaigns: Learn to build your first campaign and more…
  • Module 3: Getting that Extra 350 sales: Learn how to multiply your income and more…
  • Module 4: Making Money with Twitter: Learn to make the most of Twitter’s more than 65 million global monthly users…
  • Module 5: Big Products: Learn the strategy behind promoting higher-priced products…
  • Module 6: SEO Amazement: Learn all about on-page & off-page Search Engine Optimization…
  • Module 7: Forum Destroyer: Learn the strategy behind forum marketing…
  • Module 8: Making Money off-line: Learn to use The Singing Guru tactics beyond the net
  • Module 9: Dominating Clickbank: Learn the “ins” and “outs” of this popular digital/info network…
  • Module 10: Sustaining the business: Learn how to sustain & grow your business long-term

In other words, The Singing Guru is a pretty typical online marketing course, showing you how to sell Clickbank products and how to use social media to promote your products.  Is that how Jamie Lewis earned his $12 million?  After all, he’s saying that The Singing Guru is going to show you that.


The Singing Guru - Jamie LewisActually, The Singing Guru or the Cash Vacuum system or whatever the product is actually called is not how Jamie Lewis earned his $12 million and that’s assuming that he has earned that amount of money.  Perhaps he has, and perhaps he hasn’t, but regardless, The Singing Guru will not show you how he’s earned his money.

How is Jamie Lewis earning his money?  He’s making his money by creating and publishing really expensive courses about how to make money online.  There’s nothing wrong with that and Jamie has previously released products such as Wealth in a Box and Internet Marketing with Jamie.  These are relatively expensive courses that have been sold via an army of affiliates with numerous upsells to generate millions in sales.

The Singing Guru - $12 millionOf course, Jamie pays out 75% of the sales price to his affiliates, so it’s doubtful that he’s actually earning the $12 million he claims.  Still, the sports cars and big $$ he shows you in his video makes it clear that he’s appealing to your greed.  But you’re not likely to start out with nothing and immediately start creating high-ticket marketing courses that are necessary to generate the kind of money that Jamie Lewis claims to make.

And The Singing Guru isn’t a course about making high-ticket products and selling them via an army of affiliates, so you’re not going to learn the method that Jamie Lewis uses to make his money.  He’s selling you a course about affiliate marketing, and you might learn some useful things from it.  But selling the course, rather than using the materials within the course, is how Jamie is earning his money.  That’s an important distinction.

The Singing Guru Summary

The Singing Guru - mehNow, all of that aside, the contents of The Singing Guru course are more than adequate to teach you the basics of how to make money online and he covers all of the things that most such courses cover, such as how to find a niche, how to join an affiliate program, how to create a basic Website and how to use social media to promote your products so that you can make some money.  If you buy in for the basic $24.95, you’ll likely learn a few things.  If you buy the upsells, you’re not likely to get anything that’s any more useful, and it’s quite possible that you’ll actually derive less benefit from the course, because it’s very easy to buy everything, wind up with more information than you can process at once, and end up doing nothing as a result.

While you can learn some things from the handful of video modules in The Singing Guru, there are easier and better ways to learn about making money online.  Joining an affiliate marketing training program like Wealthy Affiliate instead of The Singing Guru will save you money while giving you access to tools, comprehensive training and even free Web hosting, as well as a user forum where you can share ideas with other marketers like yourself.  You’ll learn more and save money.

The Singing Guru is not a scam, but there are better ways to learn about making money online that don’t involve cheesy singing, appeals to greed, and upsells that cost hundreds of dollars.

We’d rate The Singing Guru as so-so.


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