The Ticket Broker Guide Review – Make Money Reselling Tickets?

The Ticket Broker Guide Review – Big Cash for Tickets?


This review is a bit different from most of the reviews I write, which usually involve making money online through affiliate programs or something where you’re not actually selling something directly to the public.  The Ticket Broker Guide is different, however, as this method of making money online actually involves selling at direct retail.  On the other hand, there is huge profit potential in reselling tickets to concerts, sporting events and pretty much anything where someone has to pay for admission and where the number of tickets is limited.

the ticket broker guideThe key to success in selling anything is the old law of supply and demand, and where demand exceeds supply, the price goes up. That’s seldom more apparent than in the ticket industry, where tickets to a big concert or a football game, such as the Super Bowl, can sell for many times their face value on the secondary market and sometimes for thousands of dollars per ticket.  The key to making money in that particular business is knowing what to buy, where to buy it and when to buy it, along with, of course, knowing how to sell.  The Ticket Broker Guide says they’ll show you everything you need to know.  Read on for the full The Ticket Broker Guide review.

The Ticket Broker Guide Overview

The basic The Ticket Broker Guide product is an ebook and some bonuses that currently sells for a modest $29 for their “Starter Bundle”.  There is an upsell for the “Gold Bundle” that includes some extra features:

  • 70 North American market research reports
  • 571 Venue “report cards” for the best and worst event venues
  • NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL ticket research reports
  • Lifetime updates for The Ticket Broker Guide
  • Lifetime research report updates
  • Faster customer service response time


The bonuses that come with both versions of The Ticket Broker Guide are a guide to NFL season ticket waiting lists and a spreadsheet to help you keep track of your purchases, which will come in handy if you have an inventory of hundreds or thousands of tickets at a time.

the ticket broker guide bonusesThe basic The Ticket Broker Guide book is a 70 page PDF file that’s well written and comprehensive and includes information on all of the following:

  • Ticket Selling Strategies To Maximize Your Profits
  • Learn What Seats To Buy & What Ones To Avoid
  • How To See If An Event Is Close To Selling Out
  • Email Support For Ticket Broker Advice
  • Tons Of Pro Ticket Broker Secrets & Techniques
  • 122 Resale Predictions: MLB/NFL/NBA/NHL
  • Techniques For Nailing Profitable Events
  • How To Secure Profits With Last Minute Sales
  • Learn How Ticketmaster Really Sells Tickets
  • Grab Tickets Before The General Public
  • NFL Season Ticket Waiting List Reports
  • Learn Where & When To Sell Your Tickets
  • 50 Resale Predictions: Hot Cites & Bad Markets
  • How To Ship Your Tickets & Track Your Inventory
  • How To Sell Tickets Without Investing $1
  • Unlock The Secrets To Getting Great Tickets

The The Ticket Broker Guide offers a surprising amount of information and if you sign up for The Ticket Broker Guide Gold Bundle, you’ll have just about everything you need to get started, aside from experience.

Experience, of course, is a big part of this business, but that will come in time.  I like The Ticket Broker Guide, and as I said, it’s well written and it covers the topic well.  If you’re interested in becoming a ticket broker, you’ll find that this product is a good start.

the ticket broker guide benefitsThere are some potential problems with this business model, however, and I need to point them out just in case you think you’re about to become rich.

  • It might be illegal where you live.  In some places, reselling tickets for a profit is illegal.  This means that you’ll either have to do business somewhere else, not do business at all, or break the law.  While “ticket scalping” is legal in most places, it’s not legal everywhere, so be sure to check with your local laws before getting started.
  • This is a cash-intensive business. While The Ticket Broker Guide shows you how to make money online reselling tickets, keep in mind that in order to sell tickets, you must first purchase tickets.  While tickets to many events can be purchased online, others must be bought in person, making this a business that works best if you live in a major metropolitan area where there are concert and sports venues available.  While you can do this elsewhere, you’ll have fewer opportunities available to you if you can only buy tickets online.
  • Buying tickets for resale costs money.  This may seem obvious, but many ticket brokers have an inventory of hundreds or even thousands of tickets at any given time.  They had to pay cash for every one of those tickets, which means that this is not a business for someone who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on inventory.  Yeah, it’s nice to sell a Super Bowl ticket for $3500, but keep in mind that anyone who gets that kind of money for such a ticket probably had to pay $1000 or more just to get it.  While The Ticket Broker Guide shows you what to do, it doesn’t give you the cash to buy tickets and this is not a business for someone without a hefty budget.
  • Tickets have expiration dates.  Unlike other merchandise, tickets for sporting events and concerts have a hard-and-fast date at which time they become completely worthless.  If you buy tickets that you cannot sell before the event date, you’re going to get stuck with the and you’ll be out a lot of money.  The Ticket Broker Guide covers this, but it’s something you need to constantly think about.
  • The Ticket Broker Guide Some concerts are better than others for ticket resale and the same is true for sporting events.  While The Ticket Broker Guide tries to offer some advice in this regard, knowing what events will be “hot” before the tickets go on sale is something that comes with experience.

The Ticket Broker Guide Summary

the ticket broker guide - thumbs upAs books on “how to do something to make money” go, The Ticket Broker Guide is well written and covers the topic well.  If you have the cash to spend and don’t mind a learning curve, The Ticket Broker Guide will probably give you a good head start towards making money selling tickets.  The product is good, the bonuses offered with the Gold Bundle are worthwhile and The Ticket Broker Guide offers as good of an overview of the business as you’re likely to find in one place.  Just keep in mind that this is an expensive and risky business and it’s not for everyone.

The Ticket Broker Guide is recommended.

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