Till News Review – Fast Cash from Reading News?

Till News Review – Easy Cash?


Note: We have no relationship with Till News.

Till News is a new Website that offers to pay you $7 in cash for reading short news articles.  Not only that, but they’ll pay you even more if you refer friends and relatives to the site.  That makes it possible to earn $5000-$8000 a month, and the site features testimonials from people who say they’ve been earning great money with Till News.  Is Till News a scam? Read our full Till News review.

till news reviewThere’s never been a lack of interest in sites that offer to pay you to participate in some way, whether it’s taking a survey or playing a game, or reading news.  Till News takes advantage of this public interest by making it easy to earn cash by reading news articles.  Actually, it’s a lot easier than that, as I’ll explain in a moment.  If it takes you more than five seconds to read the “news” that they ask you to read, you’re taking too long.

Till News Overview

Sigining up with Till News couldn’t be easier; you just need to provide an email address and a password.  If you want to get paid, you’ll also need to provide your PayPal email address.  The minimum payout is $1400, but they’ll show you that it’s pretty easy to get to that figure.

till news scam articleOnce you log in, you click on the “read news” link and you’ll have a list of “articles” that you can read.  You can read up to 35 articles per day and they pay an average of $7.  So you simply click on an article that interest you.  It’s actually little more than a headline, and after you’ve read it, you click “confirm” and you’ll be asked to answer a simple math problem in order to confirm that you’re not a robot.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have $7 added to your account balance.  Till News says you can earn even more by referring friends; they’ll pay you $40 for each referral you make, plus they say you can earn 20% of what your referrals earn, making it easy to rack up thousands of dollars per week if you know a lot of people.  The site even has three video testimonials from people attesting to the ease of use and profitability of using Till News to make money.


You can repeat the process as often as you like, up to a maximum of 35 articles per day.  Honestly, it probably doesn’t take ten minutes to read the 35 “articles” that Till News provides, as they’re really just a sentence or two.

You can request a payout any time your account balance equals or exceeds $1400. They pay every two weeks via PayPal or Payza.

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Is Till News a Scam?

There are certainly a lot of red flags that pop up when you investigate Till News a bit closer.  There’s a column on the home page that says “Our News” that shows some updates on the system from a couple of months ago.  A quick check of the domain name registration shows that Till News was only registered this week.  The site is new, so it isn’t possible for their to be any “old news” on the site, nor is it possible for anyone to have been using the site for more than a couple of days, let alone for three months or more.

till news scam testimonialsFurthermore, the people in the testimonials say they’ve been doing this for several months, but again, the site is, as I write, only a few days old.  Not only that, but the people in the testimonials never mention the name of the site.  They talk about how they’ve been making money with “this project”, but never mention Till News by name.  Given the generic nature of the testimonials, it’s pretty obvious that the people making them have been paid to appear in the videos.  You’ll probably find them in other videos on YouTube, promoting other products with equal enthusiasm.

What’s Really Happening With Till News?

It’s hard to say exactly what’s happening with Till News.  There’s no news agency on Earth that would pay people to read simple headlines that don’t even provide links to the associated articles, so it’s hard to see how Till News could make money from this, nor is it easy to see why they’d have any reason to pay you to read them.

The math problem is interesting, as it’s a simple CAPTCHA form that is run via a script that suggests that you’re possibly doing some work for them.  There’s lots of automated software out there that requires CAPTCHA breaking, and there are services that will pay people to break CAPTCHAs for people using that kind of software, but they charge a fee for that.  It’s possible that the people behind Till News are using such software and they aren’t interested in paying anyone to break their CAPTCHAs for them, and instead, they’re using Till News users to do it for them.  In essence, you may be doing free work for the people running the site.

Are you going to get paid?  Of course not.  Till News appears to be run by the same people running Survey Double, All News Round, Up Survey and a bunch of other related sites that promise to pay you for doing simple, repetitive tasks.  The problem is that none of these sites seem to have ever paid anyone.  I’m a member of a couple of them, and I can assure you that they have never paid me.  Why should they?  They’re clearly using the site for something other than paying people to read the news.

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Till News Summary

till news - thumbs downYes, Till News is a scam.  No, they’re not going to pay you.  Not today, and not next week.  If you’re looking to make money online, there are ways to do it, but this isn’t it.  Instead of joining Till News, why not join Wealthy Affiliate?  Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate training program that will show you how you can make money on the Internet, using tried-and-true methods that have been working for years for thousands of individuals and companies.  It’s easy to learn with Wealthy Affiliate, as there are training videos, easy-to-follow course instructions and a friendly user forum.  You’ll actually learn something and find out how to really make money working from home.  That’s far better than joining a scammy news site.

Till News is not recommended.


12 thoughts on “Till News Review – Fast Cash from Reading News?

  1. Im glad I tried this before getting any of my friends involved because it is definitely a scam!
    These people should be prosecuted and fined for being such low lifes!

  2. “Instead of joining Till News, why not join Wealthy Affiliate? ” Really ? I’ll try Till News and tell you guys about it.

  3. I think this is a basis posting because I checked their website out I didn’t really care for it but in your post you mention some information that was true but at the end of the day your are promoting “Instead of joining Till News, why not join Wealthy Affiliate? ” It’s a great pitch!

    • Thank you. Till News is a bad program. Wealthy Affiliate is a good one. People who are interested in making money online will probably find it a better choice than Till news.


  4. I tried to cash out and it’s still in process. Figured I’d give it a shot but in my mind I knew it was a scam, also they don’t respond if you try to contact them.

    • So true. I’ve contacted them twice. Not even a confirmation email from them. Nobody responded to my questions. Figured it was a scam.

  5. Just wondering if you reached $1,400. with tillnews and requested payment? Did you ever receive a response from them ?

    • I haven’t bothered trying to get paid with Till News. I know from my experience with Up Survey that they’re not going to pay. I only registered with the site so that I’d have information to write the review. It’s a scam.


      • What’s interesting is when you click on YOUR BALANCE, what you will see is this:
        Minimum sum to pay out is: $2300 …… but on the home page, it says $1400.

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