Total Takeover Review – Opportunity or Scam?

Total Takeover – Is it a Scam?

Note: We have no relationship with Total Takeover.

Total Takeover is a new membership product from Wallace Nuanez, Dave Lear and Val Smyth that promises to give you extensive Internet marketing training while giving you the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars per month for a small subscription fee.  Is Total Takeover worthwhile?  Is it a scam?  Read on for our full Total Takeover review.

Total Takeover Overview

total takeover review logoOn the surface, Total Takeover says it’s a training system that will allow you how to market products on the Internet using training materials provided by “gurus”.  Once you sign up as a paid member, you’ll have access to full video courses that cover topics such as:

  • Blogging
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Classified Ad Marketing
  • PPC Advertising
  • Solo Ad Training

Your membership in Total Takeover also gives you access to audio recordings by some of the “legends” of Multi-Level Marketing, or MLM.   Sounds impressive, and the home page of the Total Takeover Website says you can even get a free trial.  Well, a free trial in a program like Total Takeover that promises to let you earn tens of thousands of dollars sounds impressive.  Since I’m here to give you the truth about these programs, I went ahead and signed up for the Total Takeover free trial.


The free trial part was appealing, because regular membership in Total Takeover is $89.95 per month.  I realize that I’m not going to get all of the features in the free trial but at least I’d get to see what’s inside without spending $89.95 to find out.  I went ahead and submitted my name, email address and phone number as requested and eagerly awaited my opportunity to try Total Takeover for free.

total_takeover4Unfortunately, there is no free trial of Total Takeover.  Once you sign up for your “Total Takeover free trial”, you are immediately taken to a page that asks you to upgrade.  You have the option of a $5 “test drive” or an $89.95 “full membership.”  The $5 “test drive” gives you 14 days of access to a few of the Total Takeover total takeover features, but after 14 days, you’ll have complete access, because your $5 “test drive” automatically gets billed the full $89.95 after 14 days.  The upgrade page has no other options; once you’ve signed up for the free trial of Total Takeover you must either pay them $5 or pay them $89.95.  There is no free trial.

Still, the upgrade page does have a lot of details about what awaits you when you pay them the $89.95, which, by the way, is a monthly fee.  You’ll fill a position on a 2×10 matrix.  You’ll learn how to generate leads.  You’ll learn how to build squeeze pages.  You’ll have videos and audio files from gurus who will no doubt give you tips on how to earn more money.

But what, really, is Total Takeover about?  What is it that you’re going to be doing?  What you’re going to be doing is recruiting people to join Total Takeover.  Their 2×10 matrix and their promise of thousands in residual income are all dependent upon you signing up more paid members.  I found the compensation plan to be more complex than other MLM programs.   With most of them, when you recruit paying members, you get a portion of their monthly fees as commissions.  That’s partially true with Total Takeover, but the commissions from the second and fourth people that you recruit bypass you and go to the person above you on the ladder.  Of course, some of the commissions from the people below you will pass up to you, as well.

The specifics about the Total Takeover compensation system aren’t really all that important.  What is important is this – all of the compensation related to Total Takeover comes directly from your ability to recruit paying members who are willing and able to pay $89.95 per month, every month and their ability to do the same.  The only way that anyone gets paid is if they are constantly recruiting new members to pay the $89.95 monthly fee.   The training offered inside isn’t anything special; it’s standard material on how to create Web pages and how to build mailing lists.  You won’t be using any of that material presented in the Total Takeover members area to promote any other product.  You’ll only be trying to get more people to join.

Remember that I mentioned that the second and fourth members you sign up (and their commissions) pass up the chain to someone above you?  That’s a permanent situation, and if one or both of those members should quit their Total Takeover membership, you’ll have to replace them.  Until you do, you aren’t going to get paid.

Do MLM programs make money?  Yes.  They make money when they first start up, because lots of people are eager to make a lot of money just by recruiting members.  The people who start these companies are at the top of the matrix, so they start to rake in the big money early on.  What happens afterwards is that members who join later begin to realize that recruiting more than 2000 people who are each willing to pay $89.95 per month is actually quite a difficult task.  Eventually, most members are going to get discouraged, as they’re paying out $89.95 per month and earning nothing.  In time, programs such as Total Takeover eventually fall apart, and the people who founded them usually move on ….to start another similar program with a different name.

Total Takeover Summary

Total Takeover - thumbs downIs Total Takeover a scam?  In my opinion, yes.  While there’s a bit of a smokescreen about training materials that you can use to promote other products, you’re really being recruited to talk more people into joining Total Takeover, and the entire compensation plan is based on that.  In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission regards this sort of program as a pyramid scheme, and recommends that you not participate.  I agree.  If you want to join a program that will allow you to learn how to market products online and which really lets you signup for free, you’d be better off trying out a program like Wealthy Affiliate.  That’s a better deal than the Total Takeover free trial that costs $5 and converts to an $89.95 per month membership in 14 days.

I can’t recommend Total Takeover.  There are better ways to learn about Internet marketing.


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