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Traffic Bots Review


Price: $17 (plus upsells)


I’ve written a lot about affiliate marketing, as it’s probably the best way for people without a lot of available cash to get started making money online.

You find a good product with an affiliate program, join, create a Website to write about and promote that product, and when people click the links on your site and buy the product, you get paid.

That’s a lot of work, however, and that’s where Traffic Bots can help.

Traffic Bots offers a set of 10 different software tools that can help simplify the process and make it easier for you to make money in affiliate marketing.

Not only that, but Traffic Bots is available at a surprisingly low price.

Want to learn more?  Read on for the full Traffic Bots review.

Traffic Bots Overview

Traffic Bots is a product from someone who calls himself “Chris X,” though his real name is Chris McNeeney.  Chris has been involved in affiliate marketing for a long time.

When I got started in 2007, Chris was already an established player in the marketing game, and he’s been producing useful and helpful tools all along.

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Traffic Bots is a bit overnamed, however.  The name Traffic Bots suggests that these “bots” are going to somehow automatically make money for you.

That’s not true, so let’s get that out of the way.  There are no “bots” involved with Traffic Bots.   What you’re getting are some software tools that will make a complicated process a lot easier.

traffic bots packageWhen you purchase Traffic Bots for the surprisingly low price of $17, you’re going to get ten different pieces of software to help simplify everything you need to do in affiliate marketing.

Let’s look over the process that you’d ordinarily have to go through:

  • Find a market niche
  • Find an affiliate program
  • Find a good domain name for your Website
  • Build that Website
  • Find keywords you can use to promote the product
  • Find ways to use those keywords to get traffic to your site
  • Find ways to persuade your site visitors to buy

traffic bots scamThat’s hard work, and it takes a lot of time.  Choosing a niche and picking a product isn’t that hard, but you can still take the better part of a day to do it.

Finding a domain name can take a while, as a lot of the good domain names are taken.

Building a Website is easy – after you’ve done it a few dozen times.  The first time is hard and can take days.

Promotion and traffic are 90% of the work you’ll do in making any Website profitable.  It’s hard work getting your site ranked in Google and Bing and getting people to visit you.

Then, once they do visit you, you have to persuade them to buy.

Traffic Bots makes this simpler, because the ten software tools that are included in the package are each devoted to one particular aspect of this process.

traffic bots featuresTraffic Bots includes a program called Niche Money that helps you find profitable market niches and helps you find products in those niches with affiliate programs that you can join.

Traffic Bots includes a program called DomainAvelli that searches through domain registration databases to help you find a suitable and relevant domain name for your site.

The Titan WordPress theme included with Traffic Bots can be installed in minutes to help you create a great-looking Website quickly.  After that, you just fill in the blanks to build a site that promotes your product of choice.

A program called GeoBots can be used to add content to your site that is specific to your visitors.  If they’re from New York, they might see “New York” in the site’s headline, for instance, while someone from London might see “London” instead.

This goes a long way towards helping you make sales, as your site visitors are more likely to think you’re engaging with them personally.

There’s a program called Affiliate Video Bot that can help you create YouTube videos in a couple of minutes, complete with graphics and background music.  You can upload these videos to YouTube to help you draw traffic to your site.

There’s a program called Keyword Titan that helps you find keywords that are related to those products that you can use to promote the site.

Finally, there are several different programs, Sites DB and Traffic DB, included in the Traffic Bots package that can help you find Websites that you can post comments or content to in order to help you get links to your site and to draw traffic.

Traffic Bots is cheap.  Why?

Chris is offering Traffic Bots at a pretty low price.  Why is it so cheap?

A couple of reasons:

1. These aren’t new products.  Chris has been using (and selling) some of these tools for a while now.  He long ago made money from them and got his investment back.   Now, he’s just repackaging them in a more affordable way

2.  There are a couple of upsells that may help you take better advantage of these tools.  Chris will make his money via the upsells, which you’re under no obligation to purchase.

Traffic Bots Caveat

I should point out that these are not really “bots,” and that you can’t just use all of this software to begin making money in seconds.

They’re tools that will help you speed up the time-consuming process of finding a product, building a site and promoting it.

Still, some manual work is going to be involved.  You can’t create the same YouTube videos as everyone else or an identical Website to the ones everyone else is using.

You’re going to have to put a bit of your own work into it.

Still, these tools do work, they work regardless of the kind of computer you’re using, and they will help you save time and money in the process of creating your own niche product Website.

Chris has been around for a long time, and he’s made some good products over the years.  He doesn’t sell junk, and at $17, Traffic Bots is a good buy.

Pros and Cons of Traffic Bots


  • You get a lot of tools for the money
  • Simplifies a lot of complex tasks
  • Very affordable


  • Product is overnamed; it’s not going to automate your job for you
  • Tools aren’t new
  • There are upsells

Traffic Bots Conclusion

traffic bots - thumbs upI’ve been involved in affiliate marketing for more than a decade and I know that the process of finding a product, joining an affiliate program, building a Website and promoting it effectively is a lot of work.

Anything that can simplify that task is worthwhile.

Traffic Bots is an affordable set of tools that can go a long way towards making it easier for you to build affiliate Websites.

And if you can build one more quickly, then you can get started building another one.  That is how you make money online.

Traffic Bots is recommended.

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