Traffic Fusion Review – 2 Minute Push Button Traffic?

Traffic Fusion Review – Instant Traffic?

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If you’ve spent any time trying to make money online, you’ll know that getting visitors to your site is the hardest part of the job.  Search engine optimization, backlinking, and buying paid ads are all a lot of work and there’s also the matter of time – it just takes a while to naturally draw traffic from search engines.  The creators of Traffic Fusion know this, and they’re offering a product that says you can get visitors to your Website with just two minutes of setup.  That sounds great, and in fact, it sounds too good to be true.  Is Traffic Fusion a scam?  Or is it the real deal?  Read on for our full Traffic Fusion review.

traffic fusion reviewWe’re not sure anyone has ever lost money promoting a product that claims to generate Website traffic; it’s so important to most marketers that they’ll pay anything to find a new way to get visitors.  That’s part of the appeal of the Traffic Fusion sales page, as it not only promises to get you thousands of visitors fairly quickly, but they say they will do so using a new, secret and untapped traffic source.  That’s the big surprise; after all, how can there possibly be a new and untapped traffic source that can give you thousands of targeted visitors in minutes?  We had to check this out.

Traffic Fusion Overview

As with most products offered these days, Traffic Fusion is offered in several different versions.  There’s a basic version and if you agree to buy that, you’ll get an upsell for the pro version, and then an upsell for a related product and then a downsell for something else.  The basic version of Traffic Fusion sells for $49 or so and the upgrade sells for anywhere from $67 to $97.  What’s the difference?  According to the sales page, the difference is that the pro version will allow you to get three times the traffic as the basic version.

The sales page, of course, has lots of appeals to greed, showing you how much money they’ve made using the Traffic Fusion software.  The creators also talk about how easy it is to use Traffic Fusion, how you won’t have to pay any monthly fees to use it, and how you can use Traffic Fusion to send traffic to any site that you like and that you can use it over and over again.

Traffic Fusion - appeals to greedThat’s all great, but what does Traffic Fusion do?  How does it work?  That, alas, is not mentioned on the sales page.  In fact, despite the usually long sales page, complete with videos and testimonials, you aren’t going to see much about the product or how it works or what it does.  You’ll just have to take their word for it.

What Traffic Fusion Does

I’ve got access to the software, so I can tell you what it does.  It’s built on Adobe Air, so you can install it on your desktop PC and it will also run on a Mac.  And what do you do with Traffic Fusion?  What’s the source of the traffic?


The source of the traffic is Google+ groups.  Yep, that’s it.  If you buy the pro version of Traffic Fusion, you’ll also be able to attract visitors from LinkedIn and Tumblr.  That’s how you’re going to “triple your visitors” – by getting traffic from three sites instead of one.

Traffic Fusion - easy to use?You’re probably disappointed at the revelation that these “new and untapped” sources of visitors aren’t new and aren’t untapped and that’s reasonable.  But how does Traffic Fusion work?  You need to create accounts at those three sites, pick out groups on those sites that are relevant to your product, and then use Traffic Fusion to post content to those sites.  There’s a built-in interface with Spin Rewriter, so you can spin your post content to make it appear that each listing is unique and you can add a link to your Website in your post and you can also include a graphic.  The pro version of Traffic Fusion also includes a Website landing page template that you can use to monetize Traffic Fusion to make money with it.

In short, Traffic Fusion is a tool that is designed to post link spam to Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr.  It’s also a really good way to get your accounts at all three of those sites canceled very quickly, as none of those sites are particularly tolerant of unsolicited sales pitches.  Adding to the problems is the fact that, by most accounts, Traffic Fusion doesn’t actually work very well and lots of users have been having problems getting the program installed.  Others have already run into problems with Google+ over their use of Traffic Fusion; that site in particular has a pretty short leash when it comes to posting junk content, and posting junk content is all that Traffic Fusion is able to do.

Traffic Fusion Summary

There are several different marketers involved in the creation of Traffic Fusion, and one of them, Precious Ngwu, has a track record of frequently being associated with products that don’t work all that well.  Traffic Fusion is no exception and even if you can set up a campaign in two minutes to post content to Google+, LinkedIn or Tumblr, it’s not likely to take much longer than that to get your accounts there disabled for link spamming.  In short, Traffic Fusion doesn’t work very well, if at all, and it’s a terrible way to try to get visitors to your Website.

Traffic Fusion - thumbs downA better way to get visitors to your Website is to learn about the methods that actually work – on page search engine optimization, backlinking and paid advertising.  Sure, there’s lots to learn about doing things the old fashioned way, but those methods work.  If you don’t know anything about generating Web traffic the proper way, then you want to avoid Traffic Fusion and try a training program like Wealthy Affiliate instead.  Wealthy Affiliate is an in-depth training program that will show you the proper way to make money online using time-tested methods that actually work.  You’ll have access to a comprehensive training program, free Web hosting, and you can sign up for free.

Traffic Fusion is not recommended.


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