TrafficWave Review – An Effective, Affordable Autoresponder

TrafficWave Review – Good Features, Great Price

There’s an old saying in affiliate marketing, and I’ve quoted it multiple times on this blog – “The money is in the list.”  If you’re going to make money online, you really should be putting together a mailing list.  A mailing list gives you a ready audience when you need one, and if you build up trust with your list, you can occasionally send offers to them and make some money.  Of course, to effectively manage a mailing list, you need a good autoresponder.  Trafficwave is a relatively newcomer to the business, but they offer some good features, ease of use, and great pricing.  Is Trafficwave a scam?  Read on for our full Trafficwave review.

trafficwave reviewIn days gone by, it was possible to handle a mailing list yourself, and if you’re a good programmer, you can still do that.  A few problems have made it harder to self-administer a mailing list however.  Mailing systems have become much more sophisticated, and they’re much more likely to see bulk mail coming from a small domain as spam.  Your ISP may not like you sending bulk mail, either, as they might regard you as a spammer.  Professional autoresponder companies, such as Aweber GetResponse and Trafficwave, have established relationships with large Internet Service Providers, which allows them to have higher deliverabilty rates than you would have on your own.

Trafficwave Features

Most autoresponder systems have a common set of features, and Trafficwave certainly has all of the main ones.  You can create an unlimited number of mailing lists, and you have a great amount of flexibility as to how you handle them.  You can easily move members of one list to another, merge lists, and even import lists from another autoresponder system, which some companies, such as Aweber, do not permit.  Trafficwave allows you to decide which data, and how much of it, you’d like to collect.  Just want the first name?  Fine.  Want the first name and last, too?  That’s OK.  Want a lot more data, such as a mailing address and phone number?  You can do that, too.


Not every system allows you to actively see who’s been opening your messages, but with Trafficwave, you can not only see the percentage of your recipients who have opened the messages you’ve sent, but you can also see the percentage who have clicked on a link within the message.  This can help you tweak future messages by adjusting them to test for better clickthrough and open rates.

autoresponderTraffic wave makes it easy to create simple or complex opt-in forms for your site.  They have several ready-to-go templates that you can use in a pinch, or you can design your own, with graphics, multiple fonts and images, which can easily be adjusted to match the look of your own Website.  You won’t have to install any software to use Trafficwave; the entire application is Web-based, making it easy to use anywhere.  You can sign up and be ready to use Trafficwave in just a couple of minutes.  I’ve been using Trafficwave myself for a few months now and I’ve found it very easy and intuitive to use.  On the rare occasions when I have a question about how something works, I’ve found the answers to my questions quickly.

Need help?  Trafficwave has some good, in-depth training articles that walk you through every step of the process of setting up a mailing list, filling out the appropriate forms, and setting up your landing page and your outgoing messages.  If you need still more help, Trafficwave has a user forum, with hundreds of topics and replies on a wide variety of topics relating to use of the product as well as using autoresponders in general.  This is often a good way to get responses to basic questions.

Messages can be sent in text format, or you can format them with HTML using your own code.  Alternatively, you can use the pre-built letter templates, which make it easy to send out professional-looking messages to your mailing list in just a couple of minutes.

email newsletterOne of the things that I really like about Trafficwave is that it’s easy to move subscribers from one list to another.  It’s also easy to send a single message to multiple lists, which you can do with a couple of clicks of the mouse.  With some autoresponder systems, you’d have to create the message once for each list, but Trafficwave makes it easy to create a message a single time but mail it to several different lists.  You can also use some filters for a particular list in order to send messages just to a particular segment of your list.

The best thing about Trafficwave is the pricing.  Most autoresponder systems, such as Aweber and GetResponse, base their pricing on the size of your mailing list.  If your list is under 500 people, the pricing at Aweber is $19.  If you have 25,000 people on your list, you’re going to pay $149 per month.  With Trafficwave, you pay one price, period.  It’s currently $17.95, and that price is for an unlimited number of mailing lists and each list can have an unlimited number of subscribers.  That makes Trafficwave one of the most affordable tools of any kind for Internet marketers and certainly the most affordable autoresponder systems available.

Trafficwave also has a great affiliate program, giving you the opportunity to make money with it in addition to using it as a tool.

Deliverability is good with Trafficwave, and they’ve recently upgraded their entire system from top to bottom, so all the pages load more quickly.

Even better – You can try Trafficwave for free for 30 days.  If you like it, you can keep subscribing.  If not, they’ll wish you well and you’re free to cancel.

Trafficwave Summary

trafficwave - thumbs upIf you’re going to be in Internet marketing for the long haul, sooner or later you’re going to have to create a mailing list.  You can pay a little, or you can pay a lot, and most autoresponders charge a bundle for their service.  In my experience, Trafficwave offers a good feature set, has good deliverability, and offers pricing that can’t be beat.  If you’re looking for a good, reliable, affordable autoresponder, you’ll have trouble finding a better product than this one.  I use it myself.

Trafficwave is highly recommended.


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