Trast News Review – Another Paid News Scam?

Trast News Review – Fast Cash or Quick Scam?



If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the time that I’ve been writing this blog is that there’s an endless amount of money to be made in promising to pay people for taking surveys or reading news articles.  Obviously, lots of people are interested in making money online, and that’s a good thing.  On the other hand, it also appears that people are really interested in making money in any way that doesn’t involve doing much, and that’s where these sites that offer to pay you for reading news, like Trast News, seem to excel.  In fact, the company is doing so well with this business model that they’re seemingly building a new site every day.

trast news reviewTrast News isn’t remarkable in any particular way; it’s a carbon copy of Grade News, Range News, Till News, Direx News and a half a dozen other sites I’ve written about in recent weeks.  They all look the same and they all promise the same thing – they’ll pay you $7 every time you read a short news article.  When I say “short”, I mean just a headline and one or two sentences.  Then you can read again and again and possibly earn hundreds of dollars per day for just a few minutes of your time.  How does Trast News work?  Read on for the rest of the Trast News review.

Trast News Overview

Getting your account created with Trast News is really easy – you just need to provide an email address and a password.  That’s it; once you provide that information, you’ll be logged in and ready to go.  There’s no confirmation of the email address required or anything.   To get paid, Trast News requires you to submit your account information for PayPal, Payza or Skrill, but you don’t have to provide that to start reading news articles and adding to your account balance.


To read news articles, just click the “Read News” link in the upper right hand corner of the site.  You’ll get a list of recent news articles, the time they were posted, and the amount of the bonus you’ll receive for reading each article, which is currently $7.  There’s also a short explanation about how the site’s “clients” pay them for having their articles read and how Trast News passes 80% of that money on to you.    To read an article, just click on it.

trast news articleThe article I chose had to do with the missing Malasia Airlines flight 370.  The “article” consisted of a headline from CNN and about a half a sentence.  That’s it.  After two seconds, a button appeared that said “OK.”  I clicked that and was asked to complete a short math problem that asked me “25+10=”.  This was supposed to determine if I’m a human or a robot.  Once I completed the question, I had $7 added to my account balance.  To earn more money, you just do it again, and Trast News will allow you to read up to 35 news articles per day, for a total of $245 daily.

Want to earn even more money?  Trast News will pay you to refer friends to the site and they give you a special link to give to your friends.  They also recommend that you share that link on Facebook and Craigslist.  There are several benefits to using this link.  First of all, you’ll get a $35 bonus for every person who signs up under you using that link.  You’ll also earn 15% of what your friends earn when they read news articles at Trast News, and that’s about $1 per article.  The other bonus comes when it’s time to cash out your money.

trast news scamTo get paid, you have to have at least $2300 (it says $1500 on the site’s FAQ page) in your Trast News account, though you can get there pretty quickly by reading 35 articles per day and referring your friends.  You just provide your PayPal, Payza or Srkill account information and click “Pay Out.”  The site says you’ll have to wait 14 days for payment, but if you’ve referred at least 5 friends using your special link, you’ll get paid immediately.

This all sounds great, and that’s why thousands of people have signed up for Trast News.  It’s fast, it’s easy and it pays well.  So what’s the problem with Trast News?

There are several problems with Trast News, but here’s the only one that most people will care about:  Trast News will not  pay you.

They won’t.  Not today.  Not in 14 days.  Not at all.   None of these news sites have paid anyone, despite their claims that they’ll do so.   So if Trast News isn’t paying people to read news, why are they going to such great lengths to get people to sign up?

There are several likely explanations:

They’re collecting email addresses.  All of these news sites, including Trast News, are registered in Russia and have IP addresses in Ukraine.  This part of the world is notorious for spam email, so it’s likely that they’re collecting valid email addresses in order to either send out spam email by the millions or to sell the addresses to people who will.

Hacking PayPal, Payza and Skrill accounts. A lot of people use terrible, weak passwords, even on their accounts that are tied to their money.  If you have a list of ten thousand PayPal login addresses, you’ll likely succeed at cracking a few of them.  Then you’ll have access to credit card information, bank accounts and account balances.

Ad revenue.  All of these paid news sites have ads all over them, and when you’re getting tens of thousands of visitors a day, people are going to click on the ads.  Then they’ll make money from you.

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Trast News Summary

trast news - thumbs downIs Trast News a scam?  Of course it is.  No one is going to pay you $7 to read a headline and half a sentence.  The articles don’t even have links to the full article.  They’re just promising to pay you so you’ll show up and do something that makes money for them.  At a minimum, Trast News is a waste of time.  It could also hurt you if they hack your PayPal account.  While this site is a waste of time, there are actual ways to make money online that don’t involve scams or getting ripped off.  If you’re really interested in making money online, then you should skip Trast News and visit Wealthy Affiliate instead.  It’s a training program that shows you a proven method for building profitable Websites that comes with thorough training and a member’s forum so you can get help from others there.  It’s fun and you can sign up for free.  They’re not promising to pay you, but they’ll show you how to earn money online.

As for Trast News, it’s a complete waste of time and is not recommended.

4 thoughts on “Trast News Review – Another Paid News Scam?

  1. hi … trastnews. could u please help me to reorder back my account number ??? i’m so sorry couse make u in trouble becouse of my mistakes and un aware . thank for the opportunity to let me be one of u’r staff. hope fully i can get my earn my a.s.a.p

  2. You know I was reading all these reviews here because I was interested in doing this. To say the least, I have not found one positive comment or a person that has received there money. Its unbelievable how fraud it is. Has anybody taken the time out to find out who these people are or who the company is. Maybe someone can file a lawsuit to this company or everyone who has money owed to them can come together and file a class action lawsuit against this company. So much time has been wasted and these people have been scamming us. How do we know for certain that our information has not been stolen? I say we all find out who these people are and file a class action law suit against this website. What do you guys think? Do you guys agree it’s time to take charge and receive answers and payment. I will personally not be wasting my time doing this any longer. For everyone who reads this, I would like you guys to know this is not a scam or anything but the truth. Are you guys with me or not. Lets get paid. Don’t sit back and do nothing and expect to get paid because there is no money coming. Thank you for your time. TAKE ACTION!

    • Despite what the Website says, the company is not based in the United States. They are located in Ukraine, which is going to make it rather difficult and expensive to sue.

      Good luck with that.


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