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Ultimate eBook Creator Review



ultimate ebook creator reviewWithout a doubt, ebooks are hot.  People carry around all manner of electronic devices these days and since most of them will allow you to read ebooks, few people want to bother with “real” books anymore.  There’s also a tremendous amount of money to be made selling ebooks, especially for the Amazon Kindle format.  But it can be a huge headache to format your book properly.  That’s where the Ultimate eBook Creator comes in.  This piece of software claims to be the only tool you’ll need to get your books properly formatted and up for sale.

Does Ultimate eBook Creator work?  Is it easy to use?  Read on for the full Ultimate eBook Creator review.

Ultimate eBook Creator Overview

The market for ebooks is huge; people have literally become millionaires by selling books in the Kindle format alone.  It’s a fun way to make money, too – you can decide what you’re going to write about, write it, publish it yourself on the Amazon site (or Barnes & Noble, or any one of a number of other sites) and you can decide for yourself how much you want to charge for the finished product.  Amazon puts a bit of pressure on you to price your books in the $2.99-$9.99 range, but aside from that, you can ask what you want.


If you make sales, great.  You give up a small commission, but you earn the bulk of the price in profit and you don’t even get charged for having your books stored on Amazon’s site.  Ebook publishing is a great way to make money if you like to write, but there’s a huge problem – formatting your content properly to meet Kindle guidelines is really hard.

Amazon would like you to think it’s easy, but it isn’t.  The slightest formatting problem can make your book look entirely wrong, or worse – links might not work or images might not appear correctly.  Amazon has taken steps to fix this, too – having even minor formatting problems might cause your book not to appear in their store.  They’ve really come down hard on people who are lazy about formatting because customers have been complaining.

That’s where Ultimate eBook Creator comes in.  This handy piece of software, created by Nitin Mistry, was something he created to help his wife self-publish her own books and he decided to make the tool available for sale.

ultimate ebook creator screenshotThe Ultimate eBook Creator software is easy to install and it runs on Windows (and Mac, if you have an emulator.)  It just takes a minute or two to set up Ultimate eBook Creator.  The user interface is quite intuitive, so you’ll likely not have a hard time figuring out how to use it.  There’s a set of features on the left side and a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor in the right hand pane.  You can format text within the right hand pane, just as you can in Microsoft Word or an equivalent program, or you can import documents directly from those programs.

While Ultimate eBook Creator includes a short PDF instruction manual, Nitin has also created a number of videos that show you exactly how to do just about anything you’d need to do with the software.  The last time I checked, there were more than fifty videos on the site, showing you how to do such things as:

Set up Chapters
Set up a Table of Contents
Convert from mobi to epub and other formats
Convert Microsoft Word files to mobi, epub or PDF formats
Embedding audio and video
Working with graphics and images
…and lots more.

ultimate ebook creator videosIn addition, Ultimate eBook Creator will allow you to add graphics and images and hyperlinks.  One of the best features is that it will automatically format your table of contents for you, which makes it a lot easier for your readers to navigate your books.

I’ve published a dozen or so books for the Kindle platform and while it’s easy to upload the finished book and fill out the forms to make them available for sale, it’s really hard formatting the books properly, even if you use Amazon’s directions.  I picked up a copy of Ultimate eBook Creator myself a few years ago and I’ve found it to be easy to use and it’s never given me any trouble at all.  Nitin also updates Ultimate eBook Creator regularly and adds features as people request them, and all of the updates are free.

While Nitin created Ultimate eBook Creator specifically for Amazon’s Kindle platform, it will allow you to export your books in a number of formats, suitable for Kindle, Barnes and Noble, iBookStore, Smashwords and Lulu.  You can even export in Word or PDF, if you like.

While not included with your purchase of Ultimate eBook Creator, Nitin also offers an additional service for creating custom ebook covers.  It turns out that your cover art matters a lot when marketing an ebook and a few dollars spent on cover art can pay off handsomely in extra sales.

I’ve been using Ultimate eBook Creator for about three years now and I’ve never had any problems with it.  It’s easy to use, it runs reliably, and Nitin turns out updates and improvements to Ultimate eBook Creator with surprising frequency.

Ultimate eBook Creator Conclusion

There are lots of products out there to help people get their Kindle books online.  Some are junk, and some are overly complex.  In my experience, Ultimate eBook Creator is the one tool that every writer needs if they want to get their Kindle book online with a minimum amount of hassle and trouble.  The software is easy to install, it has all the features you need, it runs well, and it comes with great support.  If you can’t find what you need by looking over the video tutorials, you can just contact Nitin directly.  He’s pretty good at responding to problems in a timely manner.

If you’re interested in making money publishing ebooks for the Amazon Kindle, you’ll find Ultimate eBook Creator to be a huge help.

Ultimate eBook Creator is highly recommended.

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