Video Wave Review – Build and Rank Videos in Minutes

Video Wave Review – Build Videos with Ease


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video wave reviewA lot of people like video, and marketers have noticed that it’s a great tool for making sales and for drawing traffic to your site.  It’s also easier, for whatever reason, to get a video to rank highly in the search engines than it is to get a Website to rank well.  A new product called Video Wave claims to make it easy to find a topic, build a video and then submit it to video and social networking sites to get it to rank quickly.

This all sounded interesting, so I thought I’d take a closer look to see what Video Wave is about.  Read on for the full Video Wave review.

Video Wave Overview

Video Wave is a cloud-based app that makes it easy to pick a topic, create a video and submit it to social media and video sites, such as YouTube or Vimeo.  The fact that the app is cloud-based means you won’t have to worry about installing software yourself or uploading huge files.


The basic Video Wave product is offered at a basic price.  In addition, there are three upsells:

  • Video Wave Deluxe – The basic product has some limitations on the use of text-to-voice, as well as limitations on the number of sites to which you can submit your videos.  The Deluxe version of the software removes these limitations and is available for either a monthly subscription of $37 or a one-time purchase of $97
  • Video Wave Academy – This in-depth course offers video tutorials that show you how to get the most use out of the software.  These aren’t tutorials on how to use Video Wave, as those are included for free with purchase.  The Video Wave Academy videos offer in-depth tutorials regarding how to use the tool to make money in specific ways, such as creating videos for Clickbank products or JVZoo products, or how to use it to get traffic to your Website from social media.  The cost for these tutorials is $67
  • Video Wave Commercial – This version of the software, which sells for $197, removes all limitations.  It also allows you to give others access to the software so that you can outsource your work.  You can also resell the videos you create if you have a commercial license.

video wave scamVideo Wave includes a plugin for Google Chrome called Magic Video Ranker that allows you to see which keywords are going to be the easiest to rank for in Google.  You just add in a list of up to 50 keywords, and in seconds, Magic Video Ranker returns a rating for each of the terms, from excellent to good to poor.  You can then use anything ranked “excellent” as the title and theme of your video.

The video creation part of Video Wave is a full-featured video editor that allows you to add images, video, sound and graphics to create beautiful, compelling video.  There’s quite a bit of 2D and 3D royalty free content provided in the form of 40 music tracks, 600 stock photos and both 2D and 3D video clips.  If you don’t like what they offer, you can upload your own.  The tool also offers the opportunity to download and import existing video directly from YouTube.

From there, you can resize, crop, or edit the video.  You can overlay graphics or text, and you can do this in either standard definition or high definition and in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios.  Then you can build the finished video and export it to a number of different video sites with a few clicks of the mouse.

video waveYou can upload your own audio if you like and integrate it with your video.  If you’d rather not do the audio yourself, you can upload the text and use the built-in text to audio converter to turn your written content into speech in the finished video.  Video Wave will allow you to do this in up to eight different languages.  One limitation of the basic product is that you can only use the text to speech feature on five videos.  If you want to use this feature more often, and most people will, you’ll likely want to get the deluxe version of Video Wave.

An additional feature of Video Wave allows you to share your videos on social media, again by simply filling out a form and clicking a few buttons with your mouse.

You can see the video tutorials for Video Wave here.

All in all, Video Wave appears to be easy to use, and the built-in integration for uploading videos and submitting your links to social networking sites is a huge plus.  I’ve worked with YouTube videos before, and I have always found it a bit of a pain to work with YouTube’s interface.  Video Wave makes it easy.

If you’d like to see a demo of Video Wave in action, you can see it here:

I’ll freely admit that I’m not a huge fan of video marketing.  I’ll agree that it seems to work really well, but for various reasons, it’s just not for me.  I prefer text, both in terms of reading content and in terms of creating it.  On the other hand, I realize that I am in the minority, and when it comes to either drawing visitors to your site or persuading others to buy whatever it is you’re trying to sell, video does work.

That said, it’s hard to find a tool to create videos that isn’t either really hard to use or very expensive.  Camtasia, for example, costs hundreds of dollars and has to be installed on your own PC.  Video Wave, in contrast, is cloud-based, so any updates to the software are handled in the background and are not something you’ll have to worry about.

Video Wave Conclusion

video wave - thumbs upI see a lot of video products these days and most of them are either badly thought out or badly executed.  Video Wave seems to work as described.  The Magic Video Ranker makes it easy to find keywords that are easy to get ranked.  The Video Wave tool makes it easy to create compelling, interesting videos.  Then you can upload them to video sites and submit your video links to social bookmarking sites, all from one, easy-to-use interface.

If you like video and want to use it in your marketing, you’ll have a hard time finding a better tool than Video Wave.

Video Wave is highly recommended.

Click here to visit the Video Wave Website.


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