VO Genesis Review – Earn Money for Speaking English?

VO Genesis Review – Speak and Earn $1000 Per Hour?


Site: www.VOGenesis.com

It’s no secret; people are always looking for ways to make money online that don’t involve a lot of work.  They’re also looking for ways to make money that don’t require learning new skills.  The latest product to take advantage of these two things is VO Genesis, a product that says it will show you how to earn up to $1000 per hour by simply speaking.  According to the sales page, there’s lots of need for people who can speak English to provide voiceover work.

vo genesis reviewThe job involves finding someone who needs a voice recording, reading the script and recording yourself, and sending the recording to the company that hired you.  Then you get paid.  According to the sales page, you can earn as much as $20 per minute to record your voice. Sounds intriguing, and VO Genesis is getting a lot of buzz on the Web, so I thought I’d check it out.  Is this product for real?  Read on for my full VO Genesis review.

VO Genesis Overview

The basic VO Genesis product consists of a Quick Start Guide, a bonus guide on How to Triple Your Voiceover Fees and another bonus called How to Get More Gigs Than You Can Handle.  There are also some upsells, which I’ll describe a bit later.


The VO Genesis product is the creation of someone named “Jenny Lewis.”  She says she was broke, lost lots of money on get rich quick schemes and was getting desperate when she met a friend who told her that she had been earning hundreds of dollars per hour doing voiceover work.  Jenny then followed her friend’s advice, did some work herself, got paid for it, and…

…created a course about how to get paid doing voiceover work.

I’m not going to spend too much time dwelling on the course itself, or the first upsell, which is called VO Genesis Accelerator.  The VO Accelerator is going to show you how to learn to use your voice to properly sell products, how to better market your talent, and how to take care of your voice so that it lasts a long time and produces the best results.

vo genesis testimonialsWhy not spend time on the course?  Because this course is a lot like other courses such as “Get Paid to Draw” or “Get Paid Taking Pictures“.  Can you make money as a voiceover artist?  Yes, in theory, you can.  In practice, it’s a difficult industry to enter, and a small number of people seem to get the majority of the work.  Even in the make money online industry, I’m astonished at how many products feature voiceovers from marketer Todd Gross.  If it’s so easy for anyone to do it, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Because it’s hard.  Because the people who want voiceover work want the work of proven professionals.  It’s not an industry where just anyone can break in with no experience.  That said, VO Genesis isn’t a particularly expensive product, and even with the upsell, you’ll only be spending about $50 or so on it.

But there are some things about VO Genesis that do concern me:

vo genesis scamWho is “Jenny Lewis”?  I have no idea.  VO Genesis is actually a product from a company called Success Vantage, a marketing company in Singapore.  There’s no one named “Jenny Lewis” on their team and no one there with a name that sounds even remotely like Jenny Lewis.  I suspect that there is no such person.  Not only that, why would someone who found a way to earn $1000 per hour suddenly decide to create a course that sells for $39.95 instead of spending their time making $1000 per hour?

Something else that gives me pause about VO Genesis is the second and third upsells.  Yes, there are three in total, and two of them have nothing whatsoever to do with voiceover work.  After you’ve purchased VO Genesis and perhaps the VO Genesis Accelerator upsell, you’ll be directed to two more upsells:

  • Multiple Streams of Income – A course that shows you several ways to make money, but none of them have anything to do with voiceover work
  • Quick Cash Machines – A program that gives you 5 pre-built Websites, none of which have anything to do with voiceover work

Again, if VO Genesis is going to show you how to earn up to $1000 per hour, why would you have any interest in buying the two upsells that will show you how to make money in completely unrelated ways?

If your product is any good and it does what it says it’s going to do, then it should stand on its own and simply work.  But then again, if you really had a way to earn up to $1000 and you wanted to tell people about it, would you sell it to the public for $39.95?  I’m thinking that you probably wouldn’t.

It’s possible that some of the people who buy VO Genesis will actually find a few gigs doing voiceover work, but 99% of the people who buy the product aren’t likely to earn a dime from it.  That’s not unusual, though, as most people who buy courses of any kind don’t put them to work. A lot of people just enjoy buying courses about how to make money.

VO Genesis Conclusion

vo genesis -  mehI’m not going to declare VO Genesis to be a total failure or a scam.  There are people out there, particularly in the non-English speaking world, who have a need for recorded sales pitches in English.  People do get hired to do those things, and yes, the market for voiceover work is huge.  These things are all true.  But it’s not as easy to find work in the voiceover industry as VO Genesis suggests, and the work does not, in general, pay as well as the sales page says it does.

A few people who buy VO Genesis will make a bit of money with it.  But life changing income?  I don’t think so.  It’s a lot harder to make money doing voiceover work than you realize.  If you do decide to buy VO Genesis, be sure to  stay away from the unrelated upsells if you buy.  Can you make money with VO Genesis?  Maybe, but probably not.

I’d like to give VO Genesis a thumbs up, but the best I can offer is so-so. 

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18 thoughts on “VO Genesis Review – Earn Money for Speaking English?

  1. Today is 9-5-2016, Monday.
    When can I start to earn money using the V.O. Genesis website.
    I have a order number 59T8AFNR.

    • I don’t know and I have nothing to do with the V.O. Genesis product. You will have to visit their Website and contact them about the problem.


    • The pricing for VO Genesis is as follows:

      Main VO Genesis product – $39.95
      One-time offer (optional) #1 (Voiceover Insider’s Guides) – $37.00
      One-time offer (optional) #2 (Multiple Streams Of Income) – $47.00
      One-time offer (optional) #3 (Quick Cash Machines) – $47.00

      Full details are on their Website.


    • I’ll admit to not being completely sold on this product, but it’s sold through Clickbank, so you can get a refund if you’re not happy with it.


      • From what I’ve seen dealing with stuff at work (anti-fraud agency) almost nobody gets a refund from Clickbank.

        • In my ten years of experience doing business with Clickbank, I’ve never needed to do anything to get a refund from them other than ask for one.

          One of the reasons a lot of marketers don’t like selling products through Clickbank is because they’ve always been overly generous about refunding money. I know they still do it; I recently lost a commission on an $800 product through them because the buyer requested a refund a month after they bought it.


        • I’ve invested in a few programs promoted by Clickbank where I’ve asked for a refund and there was never a problem

  2. Dear, Can an Indian accents are approved? How many courses we need to bye for making money ? As you say… ‘ It’s possible that some of the people who buy VO Genesis will actually find a few gigs doing voiceover work, but 99% of the people who buy the product aren’t likely to earn a dime from it.’ Then why to take risk ? Pl answer. Thanks.

    • Why take the risk? Because you might be able to make money with it. I think most people will not, which is why I did not fully recommend the product. It does come with a money back guarantee, so you can get a refund if you’re not happy with it.

      I have no idea if having an Indian accent will help you or hurt you. It might be beneficial in some markets and it might hurt you in others.


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