Voice Cash Pro Review – $1000 Per Hour?

Voice Cash Pro Review


Site: www.voiceprofitsystem.com

Price: $37 (plus upsells)


voice cash pro reviewThere are lots of ways to make money online and lots of products that will offer, for a price, to show you how to do that.

The products that seem to be the most successful, however, are the products that promise that you can make a lot of money by doing little or no work.  Those products always sell well, and it’s easy to understand why.

A new product, Voice Cash Pro, says they’ll show you how to earn as much as $1000 per hour, just by speaking.

OK, that sounds interesting.  We can all talk, so what’s Voice Cash Pro about?  It’s about making money as a voiceover artist, which is someone who uses their voice to narrate videos or podcasts, or some other recorded product.

The creator of Voice Cash Pro, someone who identifies herself as “Monica White,” says she went from broke to earning more than $9800 per week using the material that she’s offering in the Voice Cash Pro course.

That sounded interesting, so I thought I’d take a closer look.  Is Voice Cash Pro worthwhile, or is it a scam?

Read on for the full Voice Cash Pro review.

Voice Cash Pro Overview

Voice Cash Pro is a downloadable product sold via Clickbank and the product is made up of a series of PDF files and an mp3 file.  You can view a PDF file on any computer device, and you can access Voice Cash Pro as soon as you complete the purchase.

It’s worth noting that Voice Cash Pro is also known as the “Voice Profits System,” and the program is referred to by both names on the Website.


The Voice Cash Pro system is divided into several sections:

  • Day 1-10
  • Day 11-20
  • Day 21-30
  • Software
  • Bonus Tools

Each of those sections has their own downloads, with two ebooks in each of the first three sections:

Day 1-10

  • Important Tips Before You Start Voiceover (6 pages)
  • Essential Voiceover Tools to Get Started (16 pages)

Day 11-20

  • The Best Social Media Voiceover Gigs (13 pages)
  • The Best Websites for Voiceover Gigs (24 pages)

Day 21-30

  • Negotiate the Highest Voiceover Rate (4 pages)
  • The Art & Science of Getting High Paying Clients

Bonus books:

  • Automated Voiceover Success (6 pages)
  • Million Dollar Case Study (1 page)

voice profit system reviewThere are a number of upsells that are offered with the purchase of Voice Cash Pro, including an upgraded version that includes additional PDF files and some instructional videos.

Several of the Voice Cash Pro upsells are traditional affiliate and Internet marketing courses that have nothing whatsoever to do with voiceover work.

So, what’s Voice Cash Pro about?

As I said earlier, the course is supposed to show you how you can use your voice to record things for people.

Video marketing is a big deal these days and there are lots of people who want to use videos or create podcasts but either cannot speak English or who just don’t have the ability to speak clearly when recording their voice.

The idea is that you can offer your voice for hire, and that people will pay you for your time.

voice cash pro scamIn this regard, Voice Cash Pro is similar to a product I reviewed a while back called VO Genesis.  Like this product, that one showed you how to make a considerable amount of money, just by recording your voice.

For a $37 program, there’s not a lot of actual information to be had when you buy Voice Cash Pro.  While the course is divided into three ten-day sections, each section only consists of two PDF books.

The total number of pages in the first section of Voice Cash Pro is 22, and four of those are title pages, so there’s 18 pages of content that you’re supposed to digest over 10 days’ time.

It takes about five minutes to read those 22 pages, and the other two sections of the Voice Cash Pro course are similar.  You can read all of the Voice Cash Pro course in about 20 minutes.

You’ll learn about the tools you’ll need to record your voice professionally.  Some will require that you buy them.  Others are free.  You’ll need both software (recording programs) and hardware (microphone, headphones, etc.) to get started.

voice cash pro upsell

An upsell that is unrelated to Voice Cash Pro.

Then you’ll learn about where you can go about marketing your voice online and how to find jobs.  You’ll also learn about how to negotiate a rate for your services.

Can you make money as a voiceover artist, as Voice Cash Pro suggests?  Sure.

Are you likely to make money doing this?  It depends.

It helps if you can speak clear English.  That’s where most of the market lies, though you might also find some translation work for English-language marketers who want to sell their products in countries where English is not the primary language.

On the downside, there is a lot of competition in this industry for relatively little work.  There are some freelancing sites where you can market your services, but when you get there, you’re going to find a lot of people already selling similar services for voice work.

More importantly, you’re going to discover that people who hire voiceover actors like to hire the same people, over and over.

There’s a longtime Internet marketer by the name of Todd Gross who got his start as a TV weatherman.  He has a very professional voice and he has years of experience doing voiceover work in the Internet marketing field.

Todd does good work, and he commands a lot of money for the use of his voice.  He’s making a good living at it.

I can’t tell you how many Internet marketing products I’ve encountered over the years that used Todd’s voice in the video on the sales page.

So if there’s so much available work in the voiceover market, why is everyone hiring Todd Gross?

Because not everyone is qualified to do voiceover work.  It takes years of practice to get accomplished at this particular skill, just as it takes years of practice to become a teacher, or a lawyer, or a surgeon.

You’re not going to start making $1000 per hour just because you went to a freelance site and declared that you’ll narrate videos for money.

It’s hard work, there’s relatively little work available compared to the number of people offering to do it, and most of the people hiring such people want to use established professionals.

Don’t get me wrong – Voice Cash Pro offers a bit of useful information and it is possible to make money in the voiceover field.  But it’s hard and will take a long time to become successful, provided that you even have a good voice for it in the first place.

Most people aren’t going to be able to make money at this.

Pros and Cons of Voice Cash Pro


  • Affordable course
  • Easy to read documentation
  • Primary (silver) upsell is helpful


  • Many of the upsells are unrelated to voiceover work
  • It’s harder to make money in this industry than the sales page suggests

Voice Cash Pro Summary

10 Minutes Cash - mehAs Voice Cash Pro suggests, there are people making a lot of money in the voiceover industry.  There is a lot of money to be made there.

The downside is that there’s less work than you might think and a small number of people are already doing most of it.  With time and practice, you can probably work your way into the industry, provided that you have a good, clear, English speaking voice.

If not, you’re likely to find that it’s rather difficult to make money with the Voice Cash Pro system.

While the Voice Cash Pro system offers some useful information, they don’t offer nearly enough to justify the price, so I can’t quite recommend it.


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