Web Wealth System – Cut and Paste for $4387.93 Per Day?

Web Wealth System Review


Web wealth system reviewHow would you like to make thousands of dollars per day?  Of course you would!  Who wouldn’t?  It’s hard, though, and you’ve got to come up with a product and a plan and a system and a Website.  Terry Duff, creator of Web Wealth System, says that’s all too hard, and that you can earn thousands per day and commissions of up to $6000 per sale, all by following his simple “cut and paste” system.

That’s great, as pretty much anyone can cut and paste.  But a system that makes that kind of money must cost a fortune, right?  Actually, it doesn’t, and Web Wealth System is priced very affordably.  Of course, there’s a lot about the system that sounds too good to be true, so you might want to read on for the full Web Wealth System review.

Web Wealth System Overview

At its most basic level, the Web Wealth System is an affiliate program where you’ll be promoting products that teach people how to make money online.  These products sell for $9.97 to $97.  For the right to promote these products, you pay a one-time fee of $27.


That $27 gets you the basic Web Wealth System membership.  You’ll get an affiliate link that you can publish on your Website or social media.  When people click on that link and visit the site and buy the products, you’ll get a commission.

This is where it gets interesting – you get 100% of the sales price as your commission.  That’s right; when someone buys one of those products (there are currently 9 of them) in the $9.97 to $97 range, you, not Terry Duff, will get the entire sales price as a commission.

web weatlh system scamThat seems like a pretty good deal, and why wouldn’t it?  Most products in the make money online niche pay a smaller commission, typically ranging from 25% to 75% of the sales price.  The rest goes to the product creator and/or overhead, such as credit card processing fees.

Not here; when you join Web Wealth System, Terry Duff says you’ll get 100% of the sales price for that full range of products.  That’s great, and the products must be selling, because his site has glowing testimonials from people who say they’ve earned hundreds or even thousands of dollars within just a couple of days of signing up for Web Wealth System.

What’s the cut and paste thing about?  The idea is that you don’t have to create your own email messages or sales pages, and you don’t.  You just use your link to send people to the Web Wealth System site, and they take care of the sale and the credit card processing.  In other words, it works mostly like any other affiliate program.  You get a link.  You share it.  People click on it and if they buy, you get paid…maybe.  Read on for more on that.

What about the big commissions?  That’s not really discussed too deeply on the sales page, but the sales letter does casually mention that once your customers make a purchase of one of those $9.97-$97 products, they’ll receive a call within 48 hours from one of Terry’s “Certified Business Advisors.”  That’s what he calls them; what most people call them is “salespeople.”  Your customers are going to get a sales call where one of these “Certified Business Advisors” will, out of the goodness of their hearts, see if there are any other products that the Web Wealth System might have that can help them out in their desire to make more money.

These products are not priced in the $9.97-$97 range.  They’re priced in the thousands of dollars and those are the products that pay out the big $1500, $3500 or $6000 commissions.

web wealth system greed

Always be careful when you see sites with sports cars or yachts

Well, who wouldn’t want those kind of commissions?  I certainly do.  Of course, there’s not much information on the sales page about what those products are, or how much, exactly, they cost.

I can say this with certainty, though – you don’t get 100% commissions on those products.  You also aren’t going to get any commissions on those products at all for your $27 membership fee.  This is where the big multilevel marketing aspects of Web Wealth System kick in.

Salespeople cost money.  People who get on the phone and make phone calls to encourage people to buy products that sell for thousands of dollars have to be paid.  The $27 that you and everyone else who joins Web Wealth System have paid for membership isn’t going to provide profits for Terry Duff and pay for his telephone staff.

To get the commissions from those expensive products, you’ll have to buy them yourself first.  This is the same system used by Empower Network, or Digital Altitude, or MOBE.

It works like this:

  • You pay a small fee to join.
  • Your fee entitles you to profits on inexpensive products
  • You can earn huge commissions on very expensive products, but only if you first buy them yourself

In this industry, the commission on those multi-thousand dollar products is usually 40%-50%.   The rest goes to the product owners.  So, if you pay the $27 to join Web Wealth System and then refer someone to the site and they buy a $97 product, you get a $97 commission.

What happens if you refer someone to Web Wealth System and they want to buy one of those really expensive products but you haven’t yet bought it yourself?

You don’t get the commission.  In fact, you get nothing.

The commission instead goes to someone in your upline.  That would be the person who referred you to join in the first place.  If you weren’t referred by someone, as would be the case if you just stumbled upon the site yourself without someone sending you there via an affiliate link, then the company would probably just keep the commission themselves.

Most people are terrified of the idea of missing out on huge commissions if they refer someone who makes a purchase, and that’s the biggest driving factor towards getting people to buy the expensive products.  If you buy the products yourself, you might get a commission if you make a sale.  But if you don’t buy those products and someone else does, you get nothing.

People don’t buy the products because they want them.  People buy because they’re afraid of missing out on huge commissions.

Web Wealth System Summary

web wealth system - thumbs downI can’t really recommend Web Wealth System.  The small fee to join is nice, and the fact that you earn 100% commissions on small-ticket items is nice.  But the reason that Web Wealth System pays 100% commissions on those small ticket items is because they’re not overly concerned with selling small ticket items.  They’re concerned with selling the items that cost thousands of dollars.

If you don’t have $20,000 or so to spend, Web Wealth System is probably not the system for you.


2 thoughts on “Web Wealth System – Cut and Paste for $4387.93 Per Day?

    • I’m not talking about the products because the products are irrelevant. The entire “system” is a multilevel marketing scheme designed to get you to sign up, pay thousands of dollars to upgrade, and talk other people into signing up and paying thousands of dollars to upgrade so that they, in turn, can do the same.

      No one cares about the products; it’s not the point.


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