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Website Traffic from Search Engines

As I have mentioned before, if you’re involved in online affiliate marketing, you’re likely to spend about 90% of your effort trying to get Website traffic.  Obtaining organic Website traffic from the search engines is generally regarded as the most difficult thing to do in making your Website successful.  There are a number of reasons for this, but one of them is simply competition.  There are millions of Websites out there and in many marketing niches, there’s lots of competition.

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There are ways to get Website traffic relatively easily, provided that you don’t mind spending a lot of money.  Advertising usually works, but most of us don’t have a lot of money to spend on proper advertising, such as radio or television ads.  Even online advertising, such as pay per click advertising, can cost you a bundle until you get it optimized.  In some niches, however, it can cost nearly $100 per click to get visitors through Google Adwords.  For most people trying to make money online, that can be a deal breaker.  It’s understandably discouraging, but it’s not that hard to get Website traffic if you go about attracting it in the right way.

The Right Approach to Website Traffic

Most people who get started in trying to generate Website traffic go about it the wrong way.  They do some keyword research, but not a lot of it.  If they’re in a competitive niche, they want to build pages or posts on their sites that target the “big” keywords that they think are likely to draw the most visitors.  For an example, let’s look at this site itself.  This site is clearly involved in the highly-competitive “make money online” niche.  While it’s not the most competitive niche on the entire Web, it’s plenty competitive.  A quick search for the term on Google returns thirty four million results.  The number isn’t actually that high, for complicated reasons that only Google knows about, but still, there are a lot of competing sites for that term.

Some of the sites that are in Google’s top ten for the term “make money online” are Huffington Post, Facebook, and ABC News.  If you’re building a small niche site in the make money online niche, I’ve got some bad news for you.  You’re not going to rank highly for that search term.  Ever.  You’re just not, and that should be obvious.  But thousands of affiliate marketers try to rank for that phrase and other equally impossible phrases every day, as though they’re somehow going to create some content that Google will love.  Don’t take it personally, but it’s highly unlikely that Google will ever love your site more than the sites I’ve mentioned above.


So what do you do?  How do you outwit Google and Huffington Post and Facebook?  You don’t.  You accept that there are terms for which your site is unlikely to rank, and you look for similar terms that are less competitive.  Believe it or not, there are lots of them, and it’s easier to get a good ranking for some of those terms than you might realize.  What you’re looking for are related terms and “long tail” terms that are similar, but which have less competition.  “Long tail” refers to search terms that consist of several words, rather than just one or two. Long tail terms tend to get fewer searches, but if you target a bunch of them, you can still get a lot of Website traffic.

make money onlineSticking with the term “make money online”, I’ve done some searching using my favorite keyword tool, Jaaxy.  You can do this in other ways, however, including using the Google Keyword Planner and Google itself.   Jaaxy tells me that the phrase “make money online” has something like 350,000 monthly searches, which is great, but it also tells me that in trying to rank in Google for this term, my chances are very poor.  There are simply too many “big guns” ahead of me.  But Jaaxy has returned a list of 30 other terms that are similar, some of which have a lot of competition and some of which have far less.

Some of the phrases which are less competitive are:

make money online easy
easy way to make money online
make fast money online
really make money online
best way to make money online
can you make money online
easiest way to make money online

The search terms above only receive a few hundred searches each month, but they’re easy terms for which to rank.  In order to take advantage of them in order to get Website traffic, you simply need to find a list of 100 or so such terms and create a page or post on your site that’s optimized for each one using on-page search engine optimization.

A good keyword tool should make it easy to find a list of these terms.  Then you just need to be patient.  Suppose you find a list of 350 words that are not too competitive and each of which receives 500 monthly searches.  If you create one page or post per day on your site, you’ll have built a site with 350 pages in a little under a year, with each page optimized for one of those keywords.  With good SEO and quality content, you should, within a year, be able to rank your site for most or even all of those terms.  From that, you should see a fair amount of Website traffic.

website trafficWhile those terms only receive 500 searches each month, they receive a combined 175,000 searches per month between them.  While that’s still only half of the number of searches that “make money online” gets, it’s still a lot of searches.  And the best part is that your site is likely ranking highly for those terms, when it’s likely not ranking at all for the main keyword “make money online.”

Website Traffic Summary

When you’re trying to make money online, you need to realize that some things are under your control and others are not.  If you want to get Website traffic, you need to take advantage of the things you can control – ranking for keywords that get lots of active searches but which don’t have a lot of competition.  In the end, you don’t really care which keywords your visitors used to find your site, you just want them to find you.  Using the long tail keywords that have less competition is a great way to get Website traffic without breaking the bank or trying to defeat competition that cannot, ever, be beaten.


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