Week of News Review – Get Paid to Read?

Week of News Review – Thousands Per Week?



If you want to make a lot of money on the Internet, come up with an idea that promises to pay people a lot of money for doing something really trivial.  If you can find a way to monetize that, the public will beat a path to your door.  I review a lot of products here, and the reviews that get the most pageviews are those for products that require that you do little or no work.

week of news reviewA new site, Week of News, falls into that category.  They say they’ll pay you $7 to read a short news article, and you can read dozens of articles per day.  That adds up, especially if you refer people to the site.  They have an affiliate program and a referral bonus, and they say you can earn up to $2500 per week using Week of News.  Sounds great, but what’s the catch?  Read on for the full Week of News review.

Week of News Overview

Week of News is a sister site to many similar sites, including Month of News, All News Round, Trast News, Date of News, Grade News, and many others.  The sites all look the same and they all work pretty much the same way.  They also seem to share a common owner, and all of the sites have IP addresses that suggest that they’re located in or near Russia.


How does Week of News work?  You sign up by giving them an email address and a password.  They say if you want to get paid, you’ll also have to provide your PayPal or Payza email address.  That’s it; once you’ve done that, you’re ready to start reading news articles and adding money to your Week of News account balance.

week of news articlesTo read news articles, just click on the link that says “Read News” at the top of the page.  You’ll see a list of news articles, and next to each headline, you’ll see when the article was posted to the site and how much they’ll pay you to read it.  When I last checked, they were paying $7 per article.  To read an article at Week of News, just click on the headline.  You’ll see the article in full, and I’ve never seen one that was longer than two sentences.

Once you’ve read the article, click the button that says “confirm.”  Then you’re asked to answer a simply math question, such as “How much is 24 + 10?”  When you provide the answer, you’ll see $7 added to your account balance.  Then you can read another article.  Week of News will allow you to do this up to 35 times per day, for a total of as much as $255 in earnings.

You can also earn more, they say, by referring friends to the site.  They suggest that you use Facebook to do this, and Week of News gives you a special link to provide to friends and family members.   When someone signs up using your link, you will receive a $150 bonus just for getting them to sign up.  You will also earn 15% of the amount that they earn when they read news articles, which could be as much as $38.25 per day, per person.

week of news bonusIt’s easy to see how the cash could add up at Week of News, especially if you refer a lot of friends to the site.  When I signed up, they were also offering a special $30 bonus for reading one article in particular.  This one asked you to go to Google, type in “Week of News” and search for their Website in the search results.  They then asked you to click on their site in the search results.

What’s that about?  That’s called gaming the search engines.  Google and Bing know what people are searching for, and they know when people find it.  If you type “Week of News” into Google and then click on their Website’s link, Google will think that you’re searching for the site and that you found what you’re searching for.   If enough people do this, Google will likely give Week of News better rankings in their search results.

Of course, Google won’t do that if they find out that Week of News is asking people to do this, as this violates Google’s terms of service.  Of course, that’s not the only suspicious thing going on at Week of News.

Week of News says that news agencies are paying them to get people to read their news articles and that they’re sharing the money with you.  Does that make any sense at all?  Does CNN pay you to watch the news?  Does the local newspaper give you a copy every day along with some cash to read it?  Of course not.  News is a business, and news agencies don’t pay people to read their news.  They expect people to pay them for it.

week of news scamWeek of News isn’t going to pay you.  That’s the part of the Week of News review that you were looking for and that’s the part that matters.  No, you won’t get paid, no matter how much money you put in your account.  As it happens, Week of News says you must have $7000 in your account to get paid.  These sites used to have much lower payout amounts, but they want people to spend more time at their site, so they increased the minimum amount you have to have in your account to get paid.

Why would they care?  Because once you earn enough to get paid and realize that they’re not going to pay you, you’re not likely to come back.  They want you to spend a lot of time there so that you can see the ads they have on the site and click on them, because clicking on ads is how Week of News makes their money.

It’s possible that they’re harvesting email addresses, too.  They might be spammers or they might be selling their list of email addresses to spammers.  They also might be trying to hack PayPal accounts.  It’s hard to say, but this much is clear – you won’t get paid.  I haven’t earned $7000 at this site, but I’ve spent time at some of their other sites and qualified for payment.  In fact, I qualified on one of their sites over a year ago.  I still haven’t been paid, because they don’t pay people.

Week of News Conclusion

week of news - thumbs downCan you earn thousands of dollars per week at Week of News? No, you can’t.  Don’t waste your time.  If you’re interested in earning money online in a legitimate way, then skip Week of News.  There are better ways, such as the recommended program at the bottom of this page.  As for Week of News, I’d spend my time elsewhere.

Week of News is not recommended.


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