What Are They Selling?

When the Product Isn’t What You’re Buying

If you spend any time in the world of Internet marketing, you’re going to end up on the mailing list of a number of marketers.  That’s OK, because that’s how you learn about new products and software tools that can be useful to you in your affiliate marketing business.  Sometimes, however, there’s a difference between what you’re buying and what the vendor is really selling, and it’s not always obvious.  That may sound strange, but read on and you’ll see what I mean.  I’ll tell you how to watch out for this trap.

alex jeffreys scamA great example of this tactic can be found in a new product from Alex Jeffreys called Digital Product Machine.  This course is being marketed as a way of generating traffic to your Website using a secret method that no one talks about.  Actually, there’s no real secret to what Digital Product Machine is about; it’s about creating products of your own, getting a bunch of people to market them for you as affiliates, and watching thousands of people come to your Website.  Digital Product Machine isn’t overly expensive, so even though it’s not all that groundbreaking, it’s also not bank-breaking.  But there’s more going on under the hood of this product than you may realize…

Digital Product Machine is only the latest product from Alex Jeffreys, who seems to crank out several products a year.  They’re all very similar, and they’re all relatively inexpensive.  There’s really nothing particularly innovative about them at all, and the content in these products is largely rehashed from previous courses that Alex Jeffreys has created.  I was going to write a complete Digital Product Machine review, but the product is largely the same as all of his other products, so I thought I would instead write about the process that Alex is using to make money with this product.

There is one thing about Digital Product Machine that is a bit unusual – like many of Alex Jeffreys’ products, affiliates who market Digital Product Machine are earning 100% of the sales price.  That’s right; when you buy a copy of Digital Product Machine, Alex Jeffreys, the owner and creator of the product, isn’t earning any money at all.  That’s a bit odd, isn’t it?   What’s that all about?

Alex Jeffreys has a site called MarketingWithAlex.com, and at that site, there’s a page for affiliates who want to sign up.  At that page, Alex gives prospective affiliates a choice of which of his products to promote, and he’s offering 100% commissions on all of them.  He also offers 100% commissions on the first upsell, and every one of his products has multiple upsells.  Again, it appears that he’s giving everything away.  What kind of business model is that?

What’s really happening is this – Alex is keeping track of everyone who buys everything, and they’re all going to end up on his mailing list.  He also knows who is buying what, and who is buying the upsells, and eventually, he’s going to have a list of the people who bought all of his upsells.  That mailing list in particular is quite valuable; it’s a list of people who are willing to spend a lot of money.   If you end up on Alex’s mailing list, you’re going to get daily sales pitches for all of his products, including some for which he gets all of the money.

digital product machine reviewThe final stop in the continuous path of upsells for any of Alex’s products is a 21 question survey that asks you about your goals, your ambitions, your anticipated earnings, and how much you’d be willing to spend for some personal training.  That is what Alex Jeffreys is after; he’s eventually going to offer you a sales pitch for a “personal coaching course” that will be priced in the thousands of dollars.
And that very expensive course is where Alex makes his money.  With a wide variety of products for sale, and a large group of affiliates promoting them, and with generous commissions to those affiliates to motivate them, Alex Jeffreys is building a gigantic mailing list and they’re all eventually going to be persuaded to purchase that very expensive coaching course.

Of course, you don’t know any of this when you’re simply shelling out a moderate amount of money for Digital Product Machine.  You think you’re just buying some product that’s going to show you how to generate traffic for your Website.  What you’re really buying is a spot in Alex Jeffreys endless and ever-more-expensive sales funnel, which will end when you either unsubscribe or agree to spend thousands of dollars on his personal coaching service.

And this elaborate mechanism that Alex Jeffreys uses is a great example of how there can be a difference between what you think you are buying and what the vendor is actually selling.  You think you’re buying a traffic course, but what Alex is actually selling is a multi-thousand dollar coaching program.  He’s effectively giving Digital Product Machine away in order to get you to buy something bigger, something more expensive, and something you likely don’t even want.

Digital Product Machine - What is he doing?

What is he doing?

This tactic is a surprisingly common one, but it’s not always obvious.  The way to find out what’s going on is to do a site search on Google or Bing.  You just type in “site:”, followed by the domain name, and the search engine will show you every page on that particular Website that they know about.  You want to look for a page called “affiliates” or “JV” or something like that.  That is the page that’s going to show you how much the vendor is paying their affiliates, how the sales funnel works, and whether the vendor is actually making any money on the product or is giving it away as a loss leader to build a mailing list for selling a more expensive product.

Is this method wrong or immoral?  No, but it can be misleading, especially since the inexpensive front end product may be hyped as the Most Amazing Thing Ever when it’s really just rehashed junk, and that’s what most of Alex Jeffreys low-priced products are.  If you’re really interested in learning how to make money online with a training course that works and which won’t cost you a bundle, you should join Wealthy Affiliate.  Their basic course can be accessed for free, and their Premium membership comes with training videos and lots of tools and even free Web hosting.  You’ll learn how to build Websites, create products, draw traffic to your site and more, and you’ll do it without spending a fortune.


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