Work Online From Home – Frequently Asked Questions

Work Online From Home – FAQ

There’s a lot to learn if you want to work online from home.  Since most people have regular jobs, and never gave any thought to making money online, how it works and how you go about it might not be obvious.  Below are a few frequently asked questions and answers about making money online.

Is it really possible to work online from home?

work online from homeSure.  Like anything else you do, it’s work.  There are lots of products for sale on the Internet that offer to show you how to get rich on autopilot without doing any work, but those products are mostly scams designed to get you to part with your money as quickly as possible.  That said, there are a number of ways to earn a living from the privacy of your home.

Do I need a college degree or experience to work online from home?

No, you don’t.  There’s a lot of information available on sites like this one that make it very easy to learn how to work online from home.  While the learning curve can be steep, it’s not particularly difficult if you’re motivated, and it’s often quite fun.  There are many forums devoted to helping people work online from home, too, and you’ll make lots of online friends that way.

Which ways to make money online work best?

That depends on who you ask, of course.  A lot of people swear by multilevel marketing opportunities, such as the Empower Network or MOBE, but many of these programs are thinly-disguised pyramid schemes that only make money for a handful of people.  In addition, many MLM programs are quite expensive to join.  A better, less risky, and more affordable option would be to participate in affiliate marketing.


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a decades-old method of referring customers to the seller of a product.  In short, you recommend a product to someone, and if they buy, the seller of the product gives you a commission.  The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you can sell products and make money from products that you don’t actually own, so you don’t need to stock inventory or ship anything.  You just build a Website, write about the product and provide your site’s visitors with a link to the site where they can buy the product.  If they buy, you’ll get a commission.

How do I get started in affiliate marketing?

affiliate marketingThere are tens of thousands of products online that offer affiliate programs.  A good way to find one is to type in the sort of product that interests you into your favorite search engine, followed by the words “affiliate” or “affiliates” or “affiliate program.”  The results of your search should provide links to the affiliate program pages of many companies.  Then you simply sign up for the affiliate program of your choice and the company will usually give you a special link to use for your Website visitors to click in order to keep track of your sales.

Does it cost money to become an affiliate?

Generally, it’s free to become an affiliate for most products, though a few do require you to pay a fee.  I don’t recommend that you start with those sorts of programs, as there are thousands of affiliate programs that you can join at no cost.  You will have to spend some money to build a Website, however, but the costs of building a Website are relatively modest.

Do I need to have a Website?

While it’s not absolutely essential that you have a Website to become an affiliate, you’ll find that it’s a huge help.  Since you’re going to be making money by getting people to click on your link to a product’s sales page, it helps if you have a place to put that link.  While a Facebook page or even posts in an online forum can do that job, it’s much better in the long run to build a Website to promote the product.

What do I need to build a Website?

domain name - choose oneYou’ll need a domain name, which is the name that visitors will type into their search engine to find your site, such as  You’ll also need a Web hosting account, which is basically rental of a computer that is connected to the Internet on which your Website will reside.  A domain name costs about $10 per year, and you can find Web hosting for as little as $5 per month, so building a Website is not particularly expensive.

I don’t know anything about building a Website.  Where do I start?

These days, most affiliate marketers are using a free piece of software called WordPress to build their Websites.  WordPress is fairly easy to use, is very configurable, and comes with a large support community, which makes it easy to find solutions to any problems that you might encounter.

How long does it take to start making money?

That depends on a lot of factors, so it’s hard to give an answer.  If you’re using paid advertising to make people aware of your Website, it’s possible to start making money right away, but paid advertising is not a great way to start, since it’s quite possible to spend a lot of money with little return if you’re new or relatively inexperienced.  Instead, most people start slowly and begin by promoting their Website through social networks or through search engine optimization, which can mean that it may take several months to start getting regular visitors to your site.

Work Online From Home Summary

This sounds pretty overwhelming.  How do I get started?

How you get started will vary from one individual to another, depending on what you know and your experience with Websites in general.  If you really don’t know anything about how to get started, your best bet is to join a program like Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is an online training program to help people like you learn, starting from scratch, how to make money online.  There’s a great user forum and training videos that make it easy to learn at your own pace.  You can even join Wealthy Affiliate for free.

You’ll find that it’s a lot of fun and potentially lucrative to work online from home.  Is it easy?  No, but it’s no harder than anything else you might do for a living and you’ll find that the rewards of working at home are many.


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