Work Online From Home…or Anywhere Else

Work Online From Home or Vacation

There are a lot of reasons that it might make sense to work online from home, and it’s not just about being your own boss, though that is certainly appealing.  I’m a computer systems administrator by trade, and while the work has been known to pay relatively well, it’s generally thankless work.  No one thanks you when things are working normally, but when something goes wrong, you’re going to hear about it from everyone.  The ability to work online from home gets you away from that sort of environment and puts you in one where you can actually see tangible progress in your work and measurable rewards for your efforts.

 work online from homePeople who work at home making money online are generally a happy group of people, as they’re doing something that they enjoy and you can often see either progress or results on a daily basis.  That’s not necessarily true when you’re working a traditional job and in some jobs, you may never get any sort of reward other than your regular paycheck.  While it’s nice to get paid regularly and that is benefit of regular employment, the ability to work online from home does offer some other rewards that are perhaps less tangible but still can offer meaning.

You don’t have to work from home – “Home” in the “work online from home” scenario, really just means “work from anywhere other than somebody else’s office.”  I’ll admit that I do, about 95% of the time, work from an office in a spare bedroom in my home.  I have four computers in here doing various things, a large whiteboard, and a pair of 24″ monitors.  It’s a good work space, and it’s where I spend about ten hours a day during the week and a few hours on the weekends.  But the beauty of affiliate marketing or making money online is that I don’t have to be in my home office to get work done.  I can get things accomplished any time I have my laptop with me and I have access to a live Internet connection.

home officeMy wife and I have a timeshare in a tropical destination and we spend one week there every summer.  It gets pretty hot in the middle of the day and while we’re active in the morning, late afternoon and evening, the middle part of the day is really too hot to do anything outdoors.  I spend a few hours each day checking on my Websites and sometimes adding a bit of content here and there.  Don’t get me wrong; when I’m on vacation, I try to relax, but the nice thing about doing what I do for a living is that I can, if I like, work from somewhere other than home.


I once got stuck at the airport in Dallas, Texas for three days due to various airline delays.  While sitting there, I got an idea for a Website.  I did some keyword research, found a good domain name, and built a five page Website while sitting at the airport for a couple of days.  This isn’t the only time I’ve had inspiration strike me while I was out of town, and the ability to act quickly wherever you are is a nice bonus that comes with being an Internet marketer.

Of course, there are other reasons why it’s convenient to work online from home.  A lot of household tasks that might ordinarily have to wait until evening or the weekend can get accomplished during the day when I want to take a brief break from my work.  Similarly, I’m available to take the car to the shop or mow the lawn during the day when my previous time as a salaried employee would make doing such things during the daytime difficult.

Thanks to improvements in Internet connectivity and portability of increasingly powerful computers, it’s easier and more efficient than ever to be able to get work, real work, accomplished just about anywhere you like.  I assure you, it’s a lot more fun writing a blog post or a product review when I can look out the window and see the ocean than it is to do the same thing when I’m looking out the window at a foot and a half of snow.

Of course, with the benefits of working from home come the drawbacks, and one of the biggest ones is that there’s no one to make sure that you’re actually getting work done.  When you’re home alone for eight to ten hours a day, it’s up to you to find reasons to stay motivated and on-task.  If you can’t come up with a regular routine or schedule for getting routine tasks accomplished, the work isn’t going to get done and you aren’t going to make any money.

For some people, that’s simply not a workable scenario.  I’ve known people who desperately want to work online from home, but they are, for whatever reason, incapable of creating any sort of routine and they’re often easily distracted by just about anything, be it the television or Web surfing or Facebook or whatever else they may stumble upon.  If you’re going to work online from home, it’s up to you, and no one else, to make sure that you identify the tasks that need to be done, and make sure that you actually do them.  You only get results when you actually produce something.

On the whole, the benefits usually outweigh the drawbacks, and someone who has now been making money online for a dozen years, I wouldn’t dream of going back to traditional employment.  I can pick my hours, work at home or away from home, and I have the ability to act immediately when I come up with an idea that I think might earn money.  When I want to take time off, I can do that, too, but I usually keep my laptop at hand, just in case something strikes me when I’m away.

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It’s fun to work online from home.  It’s rewarding, too, and in more ways than just money.


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