WP Profit Builder Review – Easy Lead and Sales Pages?

WP Profit Builder – Good Product?

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Sean Donahoe says his WP Profit Builder will let you easily and quickly build squeeze pages, lead pages and sales pages in just minutes with a simple, drag and drop interface.  In fact, he says that WP Profit Builder is so easy to use that there is nothing more to it than “click, drag, and profit.”  Is it really easy to build professional looking lead and sales pages with WP Profit Builder?  Is WP Profit Builder a scam?  Read on for our full WP Profit Builder review.

wp profit builder reviewThe key to making money in online marketing is the ability to attract your customers’ attention and keep it.  One of the ways you do that is by creating and attractive lead page that’s designed to get your visitors’ email addresses.  Then you can send them on to your product sales page and hopefully make a sale. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have their email address and you can send them follow-up messages to persuade them to buy.  These are long-established, time-honored methods, but building the system and creating the sales and lead pages requires talent, patience, graphics and more and these are skills that are often beyond the abilities of a lot of marketers, including newbies. WP Profit Builder says it can help you avoid all of that with a simple, drag and drop interface.

WP Profit Builder Overview

WP Profit Builder is designed to work as a plugin for WordPress and will allow you to easily create new pages for either collecting leads or making sales.  WP Profit Builder comes with more than 60 pre-built templates with a professional look and feel and it’s easy to drag and drop graphics, countdown timers, images, autoresponder forms and more.  In fact, WP Profit Builder will allow you to pretty much build any kind of page you can think of, and it integrates with most of the major autoresponders, too.  You won’t need to know how to design graphics, or write code for countdown timers or do anything other than write the text that you’ll need on the page.  You can create lead pages, sales pages, Webinar pages, bonus pages, affiliate pages and more and the product is sold at a one-time price without any recurring fees.

wp profit builderWP Profit Builder Upsells

There are a couple of upsells offered when you buy WP Profit Builder.  One of them is for a product called Profit LaunchPad, which offers a number of pre-built Websites in a number of niches and which can be integrated with WP Profit Builder.  Sean is calling this product “Instant Site Builder” but it’s actually Profit LaunchPad with a different name.  There’s also an additional upsell that includes some list-building and traffic-generating products – ListRocket, Backlink Commando and an autoresponder system, IMSC RapidMailer.  These upsells are priced at $67 and $97, respectively and are not required in order to use the basic WP Profit Builder plugin.


Does WP Profit Builder Work?

By all accounts, WP Profit Builder works quite well, and those who have purchased it are quite surprised at how well it works, and how good the resulting pages look.  There are a few bugs in the software which are continuously being ironed out, such as problems with the required Ion Cube Loader Web hosting software, which has now been removed from the WP Profit Builder system requirements.  A few other glitches have popped up, but most people are saying they’re happy with WP Profit Builder for the most part.

wp profit builder - sean donahoeThere are, however, a few downsides to WP Profit Builder, and they mostly have to do with the product’s seller, Sean Donahoe.  Historically, Sean’s products have always been a bit half baked, and while they generally have good ideas behind them, they tend to have some problems with implementation, including the occasional bug that renders the product unusable.  Making matters worse is the fact that Sean’s customer service is notorious for being outright terrible, and a number of buyers of WP Profit Builder have said that this has not changed with the current product.  In fact, some have said that they’ve waited as long as two weeks to get a response to a support ticket.

One of the reasons that WP Profit Builder works well is that it apparently was not a product that originated with Sean Donahoe, but was actually a product that was developed by someone else and relabeled by Sean as a different product.  This is both good and bad; while it’s good that someone else built the product, it also adds an additional layer between any problems that appear and getting them resolved, as buyers need to contact Sean about them and then Sean has to contact the actual developer about it.  Similarly, the solutions need to come from the developer and then go to Sean, who will then send them on to his customers.

WP Profit Builder Summary

amasuite 4 - mehAs with most of Sean Donahoe’s products, WP Profit Builder is a bit of a mixed bag.  The basic product has a few bugs, but for the most part it works well and is offered at a good price.  On the downside is the fact that customer support is lacking and that may get in the way of timely resolutions to any future problems that occur.  This is made worse by the fact that Sean has a history of moving on to new products quickly and ignoring his previous efforts.  If he sticks with WP Profit Builder and continues to support it, then the product is probably a good buy.

Of course, it goes without saying that WP Profit Builder is a product that works best for mid-level to advanced marketers who have some idea as to how they want to use the tool.  If you’re a newbie or a relative newcomer to Internet marketing and you don’t understand the basics of lead pages and sales pages, you’d be best advised to pass on WP Profit Builder for now and try a product like Wealthy Affiliate instead.  Affilorama is an online training program that can show you, from the ground up, how to master the basics of Internet marketing.  From there, you can learn how to best utilize tools like WP Profit Builder.

Due to bugs and support issues, we rate WP Profit Builder as a so-so buy.


4 thoughts on “WP Profit Builder Review – Easy Lead and Sales Pages?

  1. I have tried optimize press, thrive, and Insta builder software to build landing pages and sales pages. I’ve had problems with all of them. The support has been mediocre at best. All of the support has been through emails. It’s a slow and tiring process which has resulted in bringing my Internet marketing business to a halt. If it’s not one problem it’s another. The drag-and-drop features of all of the programs I’ve tried are very good when they work. The problem is, I’ve experienced many glitches, that’s why I changed from one to the other. At this point I’m at a loss for what to do next. I was hoping that profit builder would be my answer, but I’m not going to put up with slow support. I can’t afford to waste time waiting for in answer to my problem.

  2. Thank you a million.I was thinking to buy, but now i am in doubt…all these problems, and if customer servise is bad and extremely slow…. very good and informative article.write more reviews.bye

  3. Thank YOU a million for this review. It help me a lot-i was thinking to buy, but after all these details…i am in dout very much.Very good and informative article.write more…

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