Writing to Wealth Review – Hundreds Per Day for Writing?

Writing to Wealth Review


Site: www.writingtowealth.com
Price: $34


writing to wealth reviewIf you’re here, it’s likely because you’re interested in learning to make money online.  There’s nothing wrong with that; there are plenty of ways to make money online.  Some are harder than others, but there are many methods that work.

They key is to find what works for you, and for many people, that means creating your own Website and selling or promoting a product.  It doesn’t have to be that way, however, and the creators of Writing to Wealth say that you can easily earn hundreds of dollars per day writing short articles that are published online.

Writing to Wealth says that there are hundreds of companies that will pay you to write for them, and they show an image of a check for $325 that the creator of the site says that they received for writing just one article.

The site promises $3780 worth of bonuses, training, access to a jobs database, and more.  It sounds like the complete package.

The Writing to Wealth sales page even has a calculator that will allow you to see how much money you can earn by writing.  Just plug in the number of articles you can write in a day and wow – look at that large amount of money!

I do lots of writing, both online and off, and I suppose that I actually make my living that way, since I have a bunch of Websites for which I write content.  Since writing online is my specialty, I took particular interest in Writing to Wealth and thought I’d take a closer look.

Is Writing to Wealth a scam, or is it the real deal?  Read on for the full Writing to Wealth review.

Writing to Wealth Overview

Writing to Wealth is a membership site, and when you pay your $34 to join, you’ll receive access to the members’ area of the Website.

Inside the Writing to Wealth members’ area, you’ll have the following options:

  • The Getting Started Guide – 38 page PDF that shows you how to write professionally
  • Get a Free Web Site Worth $1995 – Apparently, Writing to Wealth will give you a Website. Why?
  • View All Your Member Bonuses! – a link to the “$3780” worth of bonuses
  • Read Our Articles and Tips Section – more articles about freelance writing jobs
  • Join HireWriters.com as a writer – a link to another Website that you can join
  • View Available Jobs Now! – a link to their database of jobs.

writing to wealth calculatorI’ll try to break down each of those bullet points, one by one:

  • The Getting Started Guide is a 38 page guide about writing articles for “ezines.”  These are online magazines that were quite popular about a decade or so ago.  That makes sense, since the guide has a 2007 copyright date.  The work itself was written by an author who used to publish articles for numerous article sites, and I searched for the title of the guide and found 23 Websites where it was available for download – for free.The Writing to Wealth Getting Started Guide is dated and not particularly useful about how you might go about making money today as a freelance writer.
  • Get a Free Website worth $1995 – Not today, you won’t.  The link leads to a 404 error.  Probably just as well, since you don’t need a Website to make money as a freelance writer.
  • View Your Members’ Bonuses – The Writing to Weatlh “bonuses” are a mixture of freely available software and books and videos about how to make money online in different ways – Amazon, eBay, blogging, domain name flipping, Twitter, and Google.  Wait a minute – I thought Writing to Wealth was going to show you how to make money by writing.  If you can make hundreds of dollars per day by writing short articles, then why would you want (or need) a bonus product about how to make money on eBay?
  • Read Our Articles and Tips Section – This section of the Writing to Wealth site has links to seven different articles and an ebook with additional tips about freelance writing.  The articles listed there are all taken from a popular article directory where you can find them and read them for free.  One of them talks about how to make money using a Website that has been offline for years.
  • Join HireWriters.com as a writer – OK.  You can do that, but why did you pay $34 for Writing to Wealth to have them tell you to do that?  The sales page has a photo of a check from HireWriters.com, so if you can read the sales page, you’ll know that this site is one you might want to join.
  • View Available Online Jobs Now – This “database” simply pulls data from the feeds of several online jobs sites and posts the writing jobs.  Most of these jobs are very specific in terms of what the companies doing the hiring want from their writers, and all of the jobs are available at sites that you can find, join, and search for free.

writing to wealth scamI wish there was something about Writing to Wealth that makes it worth recommending, but the site is making some lofty promises that just don’t hold up.  You’re not going to write a short article and get paid $325 for it.  Most articles are paid for by the word, and the payment per word is usually on the order of once cent.  That means that a 1000 word article might earn $10 for you, but not $325.

The Writing to Wealth training material is not only old and out of date, it’s material that’s freely available from a number of places on the Web.  I don’t mean that “material similar to this is available on the Web.”  I mean that this exact material is available on the Web, word for word.  That’s because the training material on the Writing to Wealth site was taken from sites that allow you to republish their content, and that’s what they’ve done.

All of the additional bonuses that come with Writing to Wealth are a waste of time.  The “free Website” offer doesn’t work, and the books about making money in other ways are all products that are years old and largely out of date, not to mention that they have nothing to do with writing for a living, which is what Writing to Wealth was supposed to show you how to do.

Pros and Cons of Writing to Wealth


  • Not terribly expensive.
  • Lots and lots of bonus products


  • Old, dated training material that’s freely available elsewhere
  • Free Website offer doesn’t even work
  • Unrealistic figures regarding potential earnings

Writing to Wealth Summary

writing to wealth- thumbs downWriting to Wealth says you can earn hundreds of dollars per day by writing short articles, and then gives you a bunch of old, tired articles about article writing as training that are all at least ten years old.  None of them will help you make money, and the $3780 worth of bonuses that they include are all essentially worthless.

Let me say this – you can make money online as a writer, and if you want to do that, there are better ways to learn than by using Writing to Wealth.

A while back, I came across a terrific product that does show you how to make money writing.  You can read my review about My Freelance Paycheck here (or you can visit their Website here.)

My Freelance Paycheck actually delivers what Writing to Wealth only promises.

Writing to Wealth is not recommended.

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