Zulander Hack Review – $10,000 Per Day?

Zulander Hack Review

Site: www.awesome-revenue.com
Price: free (deposit required)
Rating: (zero stars)

zulander hack reviewHow would you like to earn $10,000 per day?  How would you like to turn one dollar into $532,491? That’s what Michael Wright says you can do with his Zulander Hack system.  He says it’s easy to do, doesn’t require a lot of money, and has “nothing to do with binary options.”

OK, that sounds interesting, and Zulander Hack is certainly talking about a lot of money.  Is there really something to it?  Is Zulander Hack a scam, or is it the real deal?  I decided to find out and take a closer look to see what’s going on.

Read on for the full Zulander Hack review.

Zulander Hack Overview

The Zulander Hack site has an appealing name, and the video on the home page features someone who calls himself Michael Wright.  He shows up in a sports car, tells you that your IP address has been specially selected so that you can try out his amazing money making software for free.


He then goes on to tell you about how you’ll be using his software to automatically make money, around the clock, and that it works so well that he’s never had a “losing day.”  In fact, the headline at the site says that it’s had something like 242 money making days in a row.

All you have to do to take advantage of the Zulander Hack is sign up, which you can do for free.  You just need to provide a name, a phone number, a password and your email address, and you’ll be all set to start using the Zulander Hack software to make those big bucks.  I was really curious, too – how can you make big bucks online using automated software that has nothing to do with binary options trading?

zulander hack binary optionsWhat happens when you sign up?  I did, and I’ll tell you – you’ll find yourself at a site called Binary Uno.  Binary Uno is…you guessed it…a company that is a broker for binary options trading.  That’s right – Michael Wright, the guy in the video from Zulander Hack who told you that his secret system had nothing to do with binary options trading, has just signed you up with an account at a binary options trading company.

Binary Uno’s site says they’re based in Scotland, but they’re actually based in the Seychelles.  Where is that?  They’re in the Indian Ocean, about 900 miles off the west coast of Africa.

Once you’re at the Binary Uno site, you’ll be prompted to make a deposit of at least $250.  That, says Zulander Hack, is just enough money to get the software working.  It’s not a deposit, he says, but rather an investment.  The Zulander Hack Website is full of testimonials from people who say they started out with just $250 and now claim to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in their accounts.

Of course, the testimonials are fake, and the photos are just stock images.  What’s really going on with Zulander Hack and Binary Uno?

zulander hack video

Great Web design, no?

The Zulander Hack software doesn’t exist.  You’re free to make binary options trades once you sign up and make a deposit with Binary Uno, but as far as Michael Wright is concerned, he’s done with you as soon as you make that deposit.

The Zulander Hack is actually just a ruse to get you to create an account with Binary Uno and to make an initial deposit of at least $250.  Why is that important? It’s important because the market for binary options customers is quite a competitive one.  There are only so many people out there who are interested in spending money to make those risky trades, and each customer is worth a lot of money to brokers.  So much money, in fact, that brokers are willing to pay a lot of money, up to $1000, for new customers.

Once you sign up and give them money, Michael Wright, if that’s his real name, will earn a huge commission.  If you happen to lose the money that you spent with the broker, you’ll likely receive a phone call from them encouraging you to spend some more money with them. In fact, they’ll likely keep calling you over and over again.

I’ve seen a lot of these binary options scams over the past year or so, and they’re usually interesting, at least from a marketing perspective.  The people in the videos are actors, but they usually have mansions and expensive cars, and they have testimonials (often from Fiverr) that talk about how easy it is to make thousands per day with the “secret” software that sites such as Zulander Hack claim to have.

The Zulander Hack Website isn’t even particularly well done.  When the video starts, the frame becomes overly large and covers other parts of the page.  This site looks like it was thrown together in about a half an hour.  Why?

All so that someone can earn a huge affiliate commission from lying to you in order to get you to sign up with a brokerage company to make trades in a risky financial market.  Yes, this is technically affiliate marketing, but it’s also out and out fraud.  These brokers are usually located on some island somewhere so that they can avoid regulation by any government entity, meaning that they can’t necessarily even be trusted with your money in the first place.

That’s certainly the case with Binary Uno, as they seem to have had a lot of complaints filed against them, as a simple Web search for the company will show you.  I’d stay away from Zulander Hack if I were you.

Pros and Cons of Zulander Hack


  • Nothing


  • A ruse to get you to part with your money
  • Software doesn’t work
  • You’ll get lots of calls from the broker

Zulander Hack Summary

zulander hack- thumbs downZulander Hack is just the latest in a series of misleading Websites designed to get you to deposit money with an online binary options broker so the site owner can make a few hundred dollars.  The software doesn’t work, you won’t make $10,000 per day, and you won’t be driving a sports car anytime soon.

If you’re interested in making money, you should avoid Zulander Hack and try something else.  Honestly, this one is a complete waste of time.

Zulander Hack is not recommended.

Rating: (zero stars)



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