Digital Income System Review – $12,500 Per Sale?

Digital Income System Review


Price: $1000 – $25,000

Rating: (zero stars)

Digital Income System reviewIt’s hard making money online. You need to have a product.  You need to have a Website.  You need to get traffic to that Website.  Once you do all of that, you need a way to persuade that traffic to become paying customers.

These things are all hard to do, and many people give up in frustration trying to learn how to do them.

Digital Income System says they have a solution for that – a complete system where they do all the work, you work just four minutes a week, and you can earn commissions of up to $12,500 per sale.

That sounds interesting, so I thought I’d investigate a bit more and see what the program is all about.

Is Digital Income System a scam?  Read on for the full Digital Income System review.

Digital Income System Overview

At its core, Digital Income System is an affiliate marketing program.  You’ll pay to join, and then you receive a ready-built Website that you can use to encourage new members to join.

The program includes training material to show you how to do this, but the 20 minute preview video of the program suggests that this isn’t really necessary, as the company is going to send traffic to your Website for you, though you’ll have to pay for that.


Furthermore, Digital Income System has a full-time sales staff that will make sales for you, too.   That’s right, they will contact your customers for you and persuade them to pay to join Digital Income System on your behalf.

You, according to the video, just spend 4 minutes a week on the phone, ordering traffic from the company.

After that, the traffic comes to your site, people sign up to join, and after that, the sales staff closes the sales and you get 50% commissions on every sale – up to $12,500 at a time.

Digital Income System scamThe video is full of glowing testimonials from happy customers who talk about how much money they’re making and how little work they’re doing.

It all sounds great.  So what’s Digital Income System about?

Digital Income System is a high-ticket marketing program that is very similar to other programs I have reviewed in the past, specifically MOBE and Digital Altitude.

Those two companies have one very significant thing in common – both were shut down by the United States Federal Trade Commission because their business model was in violation of U.S. law.

Digital Income System may also be in violation of U.S. law, or it may not, as their Website gives no indication as to who owns the site or where they are based.

Digital Income System levelsNone of the material on the Digital Income System Website or the promotional video makes any mention of who owns the company or where they are located.

Still, they’re operating a very similar program to the companies mentioned above, and it works like this:

When you join Digital Income System, you will have to pay to join.  The minimum amount that you must spend to join is $1000, though you can pay as much as $25,000.

There are five levels of membership in the prorgram:

  • Entrepreneur – $1000 to join
  • Director – $3000 to join
  • Professional – $5000 to join
  • Ambassador – $12,000 to join
  • Executive – $25,000 to join

When you join, you’ll get access to the following:

  • – Intro Video To Get Setup & Started
  • – Built-in FREE Automated Traffic 4 Life
  • – 50% Commissions ($500-$12.5k)
  • – Closers Ready to Close ALL Your Sales
  • – Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns
  • – Done-For-You Capture/Sales Pages
  • – Multiple Capture Pages to Choose From
  • – Backend Email Broadcast and SMS Broadcast
  • – SMS Autoresponder
  • – Contact Manager
  • – Statistics / Tracking

What’s the difference between the $1000 “Entrepreneur” membership and the $25,000 “Executive” membership?

The difference is how much money you can earn.

You see, with Digital Income System, you really don’t have any sort of product to sell.  The membership is the product.

When you join at any level, you pay to join, and your membership qualifies you to earn 50% commissions on any memberships you sell to new members.

Digital Income SystemIf you join as a $1000 Entrepreneur, and you sign up a new member as an Entrepreneur, you’ll receive $500 of their $1000 membership fee.

If you sign up as an Executive for $25,000 and you sign up a new member who also signs up as an Executive, you’ll receive $12,500 of their $25,000 membership fee.

That’s really the entire program – you sign up, pay to join, and talk other people into paying to join.  For that, you get half of the money they pay to sign up.

There’s no other product at Digital Income System; memberships are all they sell.

Keep in mind that with programs like this one, you must belong to a particular level of membership before you can earn commissions for sales of that level of membership.

If you join as an Executive, you are only eligible to earn commissions for sales of Entrepreneur memberships.  If you talk someone into joining, and you are Entrepreneur, but they decide to pay more and join as a Director or Professional, you won’t get a $1500 or $2500 commission unless you also pay to join those higher levels.

To qualify for all of the levels of membership and all of the commissions that go with them, you’ll have to join all five levels, and that will cost you some $46,000.

That’s a lot of money.  Not just for you, but for anyone else who might want to join.

Yes, the video makes it seem as though $12,500 commissions will be coming your way every week,

But think about it – Do you have $25,000 lying around to join as an Executive member?  Do you know anyone who does?

If not, then you’re going to find that it’s quite difficult to recruit new members and even harder to persuade them to part with their money.

Fortunately, you won’t have to do much of the last part, as the program has professional sales staff to “close” those sales…

…which includes trying to close those sales with you.

If you joined at the lower level, you can expect many, many phone calls from sales people within the company, trying to persuade you to upgrade to a higher level.

Wait.  I know what you’re thinking.  “Aren’t those sales people supposed to be working for me?”

Yes, they are.  But while they’re trying to make sales for you, they’re also working for the person who talked you into joining, and that means trying to get you to spend more money with the company.

At the end of the day, Digital Income System is a program without a product.  You’ll spend a lot of money to join, all so that you can try to make money by talking other people into joining.  It all goes around in a very expensive circle.

Pros and Cons of Digital Income System


  • Huge earnings potential
  • Staff does much of the work for you
  • Many useful tools at your disposal


  • Very expensive program
  • Very hard to make sales
  • Much more work than you think it will be
  • May be illegal in the United States

Digital Income System Summary

digital income system- thumbs downWhile the potential to earn $12,500 per sale will certainly sound appealing to most people, you’re going to have to spend some $46,000 or so just to get to the point where you’re eligible to earn those commissions.

The program promises that you’ll be making easy money by doing almost no work, but whether you make any money or not will depend on how many people you know or can find who have that kind of money to spend.

If you’re broke, and everyone you know is broke, and you have no way to draw wealthier people to your Website, you’re going to find that Digital Income System is a very expensive program that leaves you still struggling to make money.

There are better ways to make money online than Digital Income System and you’d be better off trying one of those.

Digital Income System is not recommended.


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