Information Overload and How to Deal With It

Avoiding Information Overload


I get feedback from visitors to this site as well as from those on my mailing list, and occasionally, I hear from frustrated individuals who are simply overwhelmed and are suffering from information overload.  If you’ve been in the industry for a while, you become familiar with the terminology and the process used in making money, building Websites or building and maintaining a mailing list.

information overloadOn the other hand, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, every single term and every single step can seem like a huge obstacle.  Now clearly, this industry is not for everyone, and it’s quite possible that some of you simply aren’t suited to making money online.  That’s not a criticism, but rather an observation.  I, after all, am not suited to a career as a concert pianist.  I simply don’t have the skill set, and at this point in my life, I’m incapable of acquiring the skills necessary for a career playing a piano in front of a concert audience.  Still, some people who are suited to making money online are still occasionally burdened with information overload.  In this post, I’ll discuss this issue as well as some ways to over come the information overload problem.

Cutting Down on Information Overload

I saw a post at a marketing forum the other day from someone who was suffering from information overload.  They were new to the forum and were simply reading posts and were trying to grasp the concept of Internet marketing as a whole, but were simply overwhelmed with the amount of information presented.  For example, let’s take a look at some of the many topics that one might find about Internet marketing on a forum devoted to the topic:

  • Building a Website with WordPress
  • Search engine optimization techniques
  • Finding a product to sell
  • Joining affiliate programs
  • Joining CPA companies
  • Creating a product of your own
  • Building a mailing list
  • Working with an autoresponder
  • Building backlinks to your Website
  • Facebook advertising
  • Creating a Facebook fan page
  • Using Twitter
  • Outsourcing work from Fiverr or elsewhere
  • Creating graphics for your Website
  • Using paid advertising to generate traffic
  • Using forum marketing to generate traffic

This is about 1% of the topics that one might find on an Internet marketing forum, and if you don’t know anything about any of them, it can be easy to suffer from information overload.  Your first thought upon encountering that list, or any similar one, might be, “I have to learn all of that?  How?  Where do I start?”  That’s where I was at one time, and everyone reading this probably knows that feeling.


Here’s the thing – you don’t need to know all of that.  Some people do, but most people don’t.  I, for example, don’t use paid traffic.  I’ve experimented with it over the years and for me, it’s not something I’ve been able to use effectively.  I’ve been really good about spending money and really bad at using it to get people to visit my site and buy things.   I’ve found, for me at least, that organic traffic from search engines using SEO works better.  Yes, it’s a lot slower, but for me, it works.  So I don’t worry about paid traffic.  I also don’t do a lot with social media.  I do have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, but I use Facebook very little and I don’t really use Twitter at all.

information overloadIs it necessary to use social media?  Or paid traffic?  Or cost per action (CPA) offers?  No.  Some aspects of Internet marketing are essential; you will, for example, probably need a Website of some sort to promote a product of any kind.  That might be a simple sales page or it might be a larger blog.  But building a Website is going to be a necessary part of the process.  You’re also going to need some kind of product to sell or at least some way of monetizing the site.  Perhaps it’s a physical product to sell that you’ll put in boxes and ship to people.  Perhaps its a digital product that they can download.  Or perhaps you’ll simply create a blog, post regular content to it, and use advertising, such as Adsense, to earn money.  Regardless, building a site and finding a way to monetize it are essential parts of the puzzle.

You’ll also need a way to get visitors to your site.  You don’t, however, need to necessarily know about ten different ways to do that.  Learn about one.  It might be search engine optimization.  It might be paid traffic.  It might be social media.  You do not need to learn about all of those things at once, and it’s possible that you won’t need to ever learn about all of those things at all.  Pick one.  It doesn’t even matter which one.  Just pick a method.  Then learn about it.  Paid traffic costs money, but it also provides the fastest results.  If you have some money and you’re in a hurry, then concentrate on that.  Find a forum about Internet marketing and learn about paid traffic.  Perhaps you’ll want to advertise with Google.  You can also advertise with Bing, which produces good results at a lower cost.  If you want to do that, just start reading about advertising with Bing.  Focus on one thing only and work on it until you understand it.

Information Overload Summary

information overloadInformation overload isn’t a problem if you realize that you don’t need to know everything.  In Internet marketing, you need a place to sell, a product to sell and a way to get people to your place.  That’s it.  Concentrate on learning about those three things and getting good at them.  Then you will quickly realize that every other piece of information that you encounter that isn’t related to those three things can be completely ignored.  Later on, when you’ve mastered those three things, you can learn about other things that might help you expand your business and increase your profits.

But to avoid information overload, you simply need to think small and start by learning the basics.  Then you can expand from there.  Success is all about small steps.


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