Make Money Blogging – 6 Tips for Newbies

Make Money Blogging – Helpful Tips

If you want to start an online venture, it’s possible to make money blogging.  Lots of people do, and it’s a great way to share your knowledge and opinions, draw traffic, refer people to products as an affiliate, sell products directly, and have fun in the process.  Blogging also represents a relatively easy path to making money online as you can get started for a relatively small investment of time and money.

make money blogging in 2016One of the other advantages of blogging is that it doesn’t require a huge amount of technical knowledge, though some will be required and there is, as with anything, a bit of a learning curve for those just getting started.  If you want to make money blogging in 2016, there are a few things you’re going to need to know about.  In this post, I’ll cover a few of the basic things that you’ll need to know if you’re going to get started in an attempt to make money blogging.

Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging

If you’re going to make money blogging, you’ll need to assess a few things and decide if you’re up to the task.  There’s more to a blog than just typing, though that is a big part of the process.  If you’re going to make money blogging, you’re going to have to be a bit of a jack of all trades and learn a few skills or at least learn where to look for help when you have problems.


Below are some tips to help you make money blogging:

It’s a business – are you ready? If you’re going to make money blogging, you’re going to have to realize that this is a business, and it requires a lot of time and attention.  For many of us, it’s a full time job.  If you’re already working a job or more than one and you’re trying to blog on the side, it could be tough, as getting traffic from the search engines requires that you add content to the site on a regular basis.  Before you get started, ask yourself if you’re in a position to make the necessary time commitment.

make money bloggingCan you write and/or type?  This one may seem obvious, but to make money blogging, you need to type.  A lot.  Since the search engines are favoring long-form content these days, such as posts with more than 1000 words, being able to type is a must.  Being able to write is also essential, and if you’re going to be blogging in English, it helps to be fluent in the language.  If you’re not a good English speaker, you might benefit from creating a blog in your native language.   While the potential market and opportunities are greater in the English-speaking world, so is the competition.  As for the writing itself, you will get better with practice, and if you’re not good at typing, there are some great tutorials available online that can help you learn to type more efficiently.

Can you afford the cost?  While there are ways to blog for free, such as setting up a blog at or Blogger, you’ll be more successful if you acquire your own domain name and arrange your own Web hosting.  Search engines don’t assign the same importance to blogs on shared sites, and you’ll be perceived by the search engines and the public at large as being more professional if you have your own domain and hosting.  Those things, however, do come with costs, and the hosting will likely cost you money on a monthly basis.  You may also need to have some additional funds to pay for advertising if you want to run ads on Google, Bing or Facebook to draw attention to your site.

How will your blog stand out?  There are millions of blogs out there, and many of them cover the same topic.  What “fresh” point of view or outlook can you bring to the topic that you’ve chosen for your site?  While it is possible to make money blogging by covering topics others have covered before, you’ll have a greater likelihood of success if you can find a new niche or a new approach to an existing one.  That’s something to think about before you get started.

technical knowledgeHow is your technical knowledge?  To get started, you’ll need to be able to install and set up WordPress, which is generally regarded as the best platform to use if you want to make money blogging.  While WordPress is free, there’s a lot to know about it.  In addition, you’ll want to add a custom theme to the site to make the look unique, and you’ll need to add additional plugins to the software to provide additional features and to add to your site’s security.  Security is important, as sooner or later, someone will try to hack your site.  Some of these plugins can conflict with others, and occasionally, WordPress might simply refuse to work for one reason or another.  Most problems are easily solved with a quick Web search and a few minutes of time, but you need to be aware that once you set up your blog, the person responsible for maintaining it is you.

Don’t forget the mailing list.  If you’re going to make money blogging, having a mailing list will be a huge help.  But having a mailing list adds a few additional things to your list of things to maintain.  You’ll need to create some sort of lead capture form or page. You’ll also need an autoresponder service to send out messages to your list, and that requires an additional monthly payment along with the added responsibility of one more thing that you have to learn how to use.  On the plus side, a mailing list can be a big help for those who want to make money blogging, as a lot of your potential revenue will come from your subscribers.

Make Money Blogging Conclusion

If you want to make money blogging, you’ll find that it’s a great way to start an online business.  Lots of people have done this and many of them are successful.  Just be aware that there are some things that you’ll need to ponder ahead of time as well as some skills you’ll have to learn.  Most of them will come in time, but having some idea regarding what’s required can be a big help.


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