AffiloJetpack – Start Making Money Faster

In a hurry?  Can’t wait to get started making money online?  Ordinarily, that’s a problem.

I’ve tried to emphasize that in the world of making money online, there are no shortcuts.  There’s a step by step process that you need to follow, and if you leave any of those steps out, you’re going to come up short.

  • You have to find a niche.
  • You have to build a Website.
  • You have to add rich, meaningful content to that site.
  • You have to find a product to promote so you can make money.
  • You have to have a product to give away to build a mailing list.
  • You have to send messages to that mailing list on a regular basis.

Making money is a lot of work and it’s time consuming.  If you don’t follow each of the steps above, you’re going to fail.  The problem for a lot of people is finding the time to do all of the work.  It’s not that they don’t want to do it, it’s that they simply don’t have time.

I get it.  We’re all busy, and sometimes, no matter how much you want to do something, you simply cannot find the time to do it.

Today, you’re in luck, because there actually is a shortcut do doing all of the things in the list above.  It’s called Affilojetpack.

affilojetpack_500Affilojetpack streamlines the process by giving you a complete, ready-to-go set of five Websites.  You can choose from 18 profitable niches.

Here’s what you get with Affilojetpack:

  • Five ready-to-go Websites with Affilotheme WordPress theme
  • Custom graphics
  • 18 niches to choose from
  • 3 Free Reports to give away to build your mailing list
  • A full year’s worth of email messages to send to your mailing list that promote affiliate products
  • “Cheat sheets” to help you create content quickly
  • Free Web hosting for one year
  • Affilojetpack Website builder makes it easy to build more Websites
  • Exclusive traffic generating strategy workshops

Affilojetpack doesn’t do all of the work for you; you’ll still have to create your own content, because search engines frown upon duplicate content.  But Affilojetpack includes 20 content “cheat sheets” that make it easy for you (or an outsourced writer) to easily and quickly create content.

If you simply don’t have the time to do the work of choosing niches, building sites and creating graphics by yourself, or you simply want to devote what time you have to generating traffic and drawing visitors, you need to take a look at Affilojetpack.


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