Online Job Scams – How to Recognize Them

Online Job Scams


online job scamsEven in a strong economy, there are lots of people who either want to find work or who want to earn more money than they’re currently earning.

Many people have heard that it’s easy to make money online, and they’ll frequently search the Web to look for online moneymaking opportunities.

The problem is that there are a lot of online job scams out there, and many of them offer nothing of value while taking advantage of you and often, taking money from you.

In this article, I’ll offer a few tips for how you can avoid becoming a victim of online job scams.

Read on to learn more.

Online Job Scams Overview

Online job scams have been online about as long as the Internet has been available to the public.

Every day, I come across “methods” and “systems” that are “guaranteed” to show you how to earn tons of money.

Most of these “systems” are simply clever devices for getting you to part with your money.


Don’t get me wrong – there are legitimate ways to find jobs online.  Most states in the U.S. have a department or agency that’s there to help citizens find work.  If you live in such a place that has such a service, you may wish to take advantage of it.

But many sites that promise online jobs aren’t offering any actual work.

Here are a few tips that can help protect you from online job scams:

online job scamJobs that offer guaranteed income, but not an actual wage.   It’s one thing if you see an ad that says that “we’ll pay you $12.37 per hour if you do work for us.”

It’s another thing to see an ad that says, “Earn $397 per day, guaranteed.”

I recently reviewed a product that promised just that; it was called the My Home Success Plan, and it was one of many online job scams out there.

That site promised me that there were 115 “jobs” in my area, but there really weren’t any jobs, and they weren’t hiring me.

What they were doing was selling me some training for $97 that might allow me to build a Website and earn some money, working on my own.

Not. A. Job.

A job is where you agree to do specific work in exchange for specific pay.  If the site isn’t promising that, then it’s not a job offer and you should be suspicious.

making money online quicklyUnrealistic earnings promises.  The site I mentioned above said they’d “guarantee” that I’d earn $397 per day, even though no experience was required.

For an 8 hour day, that works out to about $50 per hour.  Does $50 per hour for a job that requires no experience seem reasonable to you?

I’ve seen sites that promised $1000 per day and even $5000 per day, and again, “no experience is necessary.”

That sounds too good to be true, and that’s because it is.

If a site is promising earnings that seem to have no relation to the kind of work you’re doing and to your own experience level, then you should be suspicious.

They’re asking for payment.  Real jobs are just that – someone offers you work in exchange for pay, and you accept it, do the work, and get paid.

If you’re being asked to pay money for this opportunity to make money, then you’re not getting a job.

The My Home Success Plan I mentioned above was like that.  Their site promised “jobs,” but they had no jobs to offer.

What they had was a product to sell, and it was going to cost me $97 just to find out what the product actually is.

If you have to pay for a promised job, and the Website won’t even tell you exactly what it is that you’re buying, then you’re likely looking at online job scams.

making money online systemIt’s a “Done For You” system.  I’ve seen lots of sites that promised a complete, “turnkey,” “done for you” system that will just start making money for you automatically.

First of all, such a system clearly isn’t an offer of a job, especially since you’ll be asked to pay for such systems.

Inevitably, they’re selling pre-built Websites that offer a product for sale.  The implication is that you’ll pay them, put the Website online, and immediately start making money.

You don’t have to do anything, they say.  “It’s all done for you!”

But think about it for a minute – if that’s all that you need to do to make money, then why are they selling it?

Why don’t they just put the sites online themselves and make all of that money?  Why are they even bothering to sell it to you?

What they’re not telling you is that putting a Website online, even a good one, will not automatically make money.

What you need to make money with a Website is:

  • A good product to sell
  • A well-designed Website to sell that product
  • A lot of traffic to your Website

The first part is very easy.  The second part is somewhat harder.  The third part is the hardest part.

There are millions of Websites online today.  Most of them only get a handful of daily visitors.  Many get none at all.

None is what you’ll get when you buy such a product, and you’re probably going to have to spend a fortune to get any traffic to the site in hopes that you’ll make some money.

That doesn’t sound like an online job, does it?

making money onlineSocial media moneymaking offers.  There are lots of sites that promise to show you how you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or some other type of social media.

Can you make money on social media platforms?  Yes, and lots of people do.  But there’s no easy way to do it, and it can take months or years to learn how to make money that way.

An offer to sell you a system to make money with social media is just one of many online job scams.

Online Job Scams Summary

There are plenty of  ways to make money online.  One way to make money without falling victim to online job scams is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing works, but it’s hard work, requires patience, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll earn anything.

Online job scams, on the other hand, usually promise fast earnings, quick earnings and usually tell you that you’ll make money immediately without experience.

These are unrealistic offers, and you should take care to avoid such online job scams.


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